Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Suitable Mirror for Your Home

Luxe Mirrors Buyer's Guide: How Choose a Suitable Mirror for Your Home. Brayden Frameless Mirror

It seems simple enough; you need a mirror, you go online or visit a store and buy one! Yes, it’s very simple until you actually go to a store or search online and find more options than you could ever imagine! Of course, when compared to online retailers, your options will be limited at a physical store, but the diverse selection in mirror designs will leave you astounded! Big, small, round, rectangular, framed, frameless, wall-mounted, leaners; the list goes on! 

With so many amazing pieces to choose from, buying a suitable mirror for your home becomes a lot more confusing. This is where Luxe Mirrors steps in – we can help you find the most gorgeous mirror to meet your needs and suit your home interiors, all within a reasonable time frame and budget. 

There is quite a bit to consider when choosing a suitable mirror for your home so let’s get right to it. Here is everything you need to know about buying the right mirror for your home.

Which Room or Space is the Mirror for?

This is a very important question to ask yourself because most mirrors are specifically designed for different rooms. For example, many types of bathroom and vanity mirrors are not suitable for other rooms in the house; therefore, knowing where you want the mirror to go can help you narrow down your options.

Let’s take a quick look at how mirrors are used in different spaces and rooms of a home. 

Living Room

Having a mirror in your living room serves both purposes – functional and aesthetic. Like wall art, a decorative mirror can centralise the room and give your interiors the extra pizazz it needs. In living rooms with a fireplace, a mirror above the mantel is almost mandatory! It can either be wall-mounted or sitting on the mantel, leaning against the wall. In house designs that do not feature a fireplace, accent mirrors are often placed on a wall central to the room, above or adjacent to a lounge or seating area in common view. To create more focus on another area of your living room, a statement piece or twin mirrors on a wall above a console table or buffet table makes for a stylish addition to your interiors.

Uttermost Adelmar Square Mirror over buffet table. Luxe MirrorsGwen Gold Iron Wall Mirror

Dining Room

If you’ve ever wondered why large mirrors are used in dining spaces above the table or buffet, it is because the use of a mirror opens up space and reflects more light, thereby brightening up the room. Often in smaller sized homes or apartment living, the dining room is directly next to the kitchen area and can feel somewhat enclosed and cramped, with no delineation. Particularly in these narrow dining rooms or smaller spaces, the addition of one or more mirrors can transform the entire room and give it more light, space and dimension.


This is where you try on clothes, get dressed, and do your hair and makeup; therefore, the need for a practical mirror is a must in any bedroom. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from illuminated Hollywood vanity mirrors, full-length mirrors (wall-mounted or leaners), dressing mirrors, and more. Hollywood vanity mirrors are a common addition to bedroom decor and are often paired with the perfect matching vanity table display for all of your makeup and accessories.

Full length wall mirror      Lumiere Hollywood makeup vanity Luxe Mirrors


Centralised over the sink, bathroom vanity mirrors are available in eclectic and innovative designs. In fact there are many different types and styles of bathroom mirrors, sizes to suit vanity and basins, and forms of functionality to be considered when buying a bathroom mirror. Today, you can have illuminated bathroom mirrors, smart mirrors, cabinets for storage, copper-free mirrors specifically designed for wet areas, as well as mirrors with demister pads so that the glass doesn’t fog up. As an essential part of a bathroom, the mirror(s) you choose, by default, adds visual interest and atmosphere to the room; therefore, it’s nice to make it count by choosing one that is simple yet classy.


Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror 120cm x 80cm     Bathroom Mirrors Luxe Mirrors Australia


Guests form a first impression of your home from their very first glimpse beyond the front door. This space is your entryway/foyer for which mirrors are specifically designed to adorn. Along with the visual appeal of a mirror above a console table in your entryway, it also adds a nice welcoming touch to your home and on departure is the perfect location for that ‘quick check’ as you head out to start your day.


Tips to Choose the Right Mirror Type and Size

Now that you know how mirrors are typically used in every room of a house, it’s time to talk about the types of mirrors you can match with your existing home design and décor, as well as the appropriate size for the space.  

Take a look at these useful tips from the experts at Luxe Mirrors.

Simple Designs for Modern Interiors

Junius Black Round Mirror      Lange Square Mirrors

For a modern home with clean lines, minimalistic décor, and few decorative elements, keep with the theme by choosing a simple round mirror or a large frameless mirror to ensure that the piece blends in with its surroundings. It is quite common for contemporary decor to have a ‘less is more feel’, so thin frames or frameless options get the green light!

Add Depth with a Bevelled Edge Mirror

In a room where the mirror needs a little something extra in order for it to stand out among existing decorative elements, bevelled edge mirrors are your best bet. They add depth and character to the room and are the ideal choice for high end contemporary interior designs. Often the eye-catching ‘glint’ of a bevell creates a sense of class and elegance.

A Statement Piece for a Focal Point

Available in virtually any design, style, shape and size, statement mirrors or accent mirrors can be decoratively incorporated in all types of home interiors and decor styles. Here you are introduced to an endless variety of mirror frames which include ornate frames, antique frames, bevelled edged mirror on mirror frames, and stark designed frames. Choose a frame and desired finish that will match your furniture, and amaze guests with its design to create a striking focal point! 

Uttermost Niva Mirror

Go Big if You’ve Got the Space

Large mirrors exude luxury and elegance in a way that other pieces cannot match up to. Unfortunately, not all home designs leave room for a big mirror to work its charm as other elements crowd the piece. However, if you have space for it, consider adding a large mirror to centralise a room and enhance your interiors.

Decorate with Multiple Mirrors

Linneah MIrrors      Feature wall Mirrors

Why choose one when you can have a group of mirrors to create an artistic pattern on your wall? Available in various designs and sizes, decorating a wall with multiple mirrors is a unique way to add a ‘wow’ factor to the room. Best of all, you can incorporate a mirrored wall pattern in just about any type of interior décor style.

Small Mirrors for Small Spaces

Although there are exceptions, in general, small mirrors are better suited for smaller rooms. However, by choosing the right design, and strategic placement of the piece, even small mirrors can make big impacts in small spaces. For example, you can add a splash of colour and decoration to an empty, narrow wall with a small oval mirror.

How to Buy Mirrors Online? Is it Safe?

Unlike spending several hours visiting a bunch of stores in search of a mirror that fits your budget and suits your home and personal preference, online companies and sellers make it rather easy to purchase mirrors online. Unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted. When paying for a product, you expect your purchase to be protected by some type of guarantee that you are getting every cent of your money’s worth. 

At Luxe Mirrors, we go above and beyond to provide premium products and excellent customer service from beginning to end. This starts with a free online design consultation so that we can help you find the perfect mirror for your space. If you’ve already picked out a piece from the line of mirrors we carry, simply send us a picture of the space it is intended for (along with the product name), and we will create a design concept by inserting the desired mirror into your photo. This edited picture will be sent back to you for approval or, if you’d like, our experts can recommend suitable options for you to choose from. We offer free delivery nationwide which beats having to transport a fragile mirror in the backseat of your car, or pay extra to have a large piece delivered to your home.

When dealing with the average online seller, buying mirrors online can be risky business. On the other hand, established online retailers like Luxe Mirrors offer 100% security against every purchase. From having each piece insured and offering immediate replacements for damaged goods (at no added cost), to our 14 day easy returns policy and warranty on premium products; you can rest assured that you are never left disappointed when you buy a mirror from Luxe Mirrors!

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