Decorating with Mirrors for Dramatic Effect

Decorating with Mirrors for Dramatic Effect

Have you taken a stroll through your home recently and discovered that maybe your home could use a facelift and maybe an make over and refresher? Maybe your current furnishing and décor are a bit drab and outdated, and you want to find an affordable and relatively easy way to transform the space and brighten everything up?

Well, mirrors are the perfect accessory to decorate the home with and any interior designer will tell you that using mirrors in any form can accent the space and create an amazing focal point for any room.

Rules to Decorating with Mirrors

First of all, there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home with mirrors. They are the perfect way to bring light and depth into a room and can even reflect the space and make the room appear larger and more open than it actually is because the mirrors will reflect the light.

While reflecting light, they can also pick up on some of the colours and other décor you have in the space and play on these to create a more dramatic effect and look.

Mirrored Art

Using mirrored art in the home is a good way to create a focal point for the room. A piece in the space that will attract the eye of your visitors and can even make the room feel more rich and elegant.

In a basic and simply decorated room, a long mirror facing advantageously can reflect something beautiful and take the wow factor of the room up a few notches without having to add anything else or clutter up the walls with other pieces.

Finding the Perfect Spot

To maximise the dramatic effect of using a mirror as part of your décor, you need to find the perfect placement. While they can be displayed in virtually any room in the home, you will want to choose a location that perhaps lacks a lot of natural light, so you have a unique opportunity to use the mirror to create the essence of more light with its reflectivity.

When choosing the mirror, you will also want to pay attention to the shape of the mirror you are using in the space, so you can be sure it fits in well and adds to the décor, rather than detract. You can even get creative, and for a bit more dramatic effect, you can choose a couple of decorative mirrors and group them together in a gallery layout or in series to create a stunning wall art piece and focal point.

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