Fashion-Forward Home Décor by Uttermost

Fashion-Forward Home Décor by Uttermost Australia

There is a lot more to interior design than making a home liveable and enhancing its appearance; it is the heart and soul of the house that is pieced together by the interior décor choices you make. 

We often see pictures of beautifully furnished homes on the internet or in magazines and think “it would be nice to have that”; but how many of you wonder how those well put together homes came to be? A good interior decorator, perhaps? Well, of course that helps, but for many, the power to create the home interiors you have envisioned and dreamed of for so long is in your hands! Having said that, making your dream interior décor a reality depends on one crucial factor – the source of your home furnishing. 

There can be no compromises on quality when looking to put together a gorgeously decorated interior space that reflects your personality and unique taste. Dealing with a highly recommended company that offers excellent craftsmanship and a vast selection of quality products under one roof isn’t too much to ask for if getting value for money (at your convenience) is a top priority for you. Enter Uttermost; a well-established and award-winning American Home Furnishing company with approved retailers around the world! 

Working closely with top designers in the industry to supply leading retailers and hospitality projects with fashion-forward home décor products in various parts of the globe, Uttermost has evolved from being an option among other home furnishing suppliers to an unmatched quality performance measure used by interior designers and consumers. Keeping with seasonal trends and maintaining timeless beauty with their designs and styles, everything you need for a stunning and uniquely furnished home can be found here!

History and Present Day: The Heart & Soul of Uttermost

Back in 1975, a married duo – Bob and Belle Cooper – formed a company that would not only be highly successful, but span the home furnishing industry around the world to reach staggering annual sales of over 160M! With strong core values stemming from being a family-owned business, the Coopers were able to build a brand that swears by working tireless hours to provide creative, high-quality, and beautifully finished products.

Based in Virginia, California, their headquarters boast an area of 659,000 square feet with a large distribution facility in Moreno, VA, and multiple showrooms around America including Las Vegas and Dallas. Owing to their global business supply of home furnishing products and services, Uttermost has employed sales/service representatives residing in different countries to help the company operate efficiently and successfully. 

In 2015, REVELATION – a new brand by Uttermost – was launched with a collection of premium products and limited distribution. The items cannot be purchased online and hence, offer consumers more unique pieces that are exclusive to REVELATION. Along with excellent sales to substantiate the success of the new brand, in January 2020, it was given due credit in the form of a win at the 31st Annual ARTS Awards in Dallas, Texas for Best Accent Furniture. Their Dallas showroom was also awarded for Best Visual Presentation that night!

Today, Uttermost is run by Bob and Belle’s son, Mac Cooper, President and CEO of the company. Like his parents, he sees the business as one big family that connects incredible designers to a host of retailers who, in turn, reach thousands upon thousands of consumers around the world. Mac Cooper’s main focus lies in upholding the company’s all-round quality standards while ensuring that the business runs like a well-oiled machine!

A-Z Quality Checks at Uttermost

Art Work & Mirrors by Uttermost












Bathroom Mirrors by Uttermost

The remarkable quality of products from Uttermost is evident in every piece they approve for sale. What you see, of course, is the end product of several standard quality checks that the entire Uttermost family – designers, craftsmen, distributors, and retailers – adhere to. It is a chain of partnerships and strong bonds within the family that allow the company to give consumers nothing short of premium quality products in the home furnishing and interior décor market. 

Along with a solid foundation, excellent work ethic, and family principles at the forefront of operations, a major part of their success as a home furnishing vendor is credited to the team of experienced and innovative designers that work day in and day out to create the season’s most awaited products in home décor. A large number of designers partnered with Uttermost possess over two or three decades of experience in the industry, many of whom have also been awarded for their excellence in designing furniture and decorative products for home interiors. 

While design quality is heavily focused on visual appeal and creativity to help the product stand out, the use of first-rate materials and skilled craftsmen to manufacture the pieces are of utmost importance for the overall quality of the end product. Although new arrivals tempt many homeowners to redecorate their interiors every season, the primary goal of Uttermost is to offer a huge selection of high-quality home furnishing products that will stand the test of time in terms of both durability and style. It’s safe to say that they have proved this time and again with many loyal consumers vouching for them since the very beginning!

Eclectic Furniture Pieces & Mirrored Designs

To say that Uttermost supplies a wide selection of furniture for every room in every type, style, size, and colour, is an understatement. A brief look through their expansive catalogue will leave you amazed at the diversity in every line, and the finesse of each piece. From sofa sets with adjustable configurations and modern serving carts, to accent table sets and ergonomically designed etageres and bookcases; you name it, Uttermost has got it!

Inclusive of their wide variety of trendy styles is mirrored furniture pieces, a concept design that is growing in popularity. Mirrored console tables, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, chests, and cabinets are carried by a few select Uttermost dealers who are seeing a steady increase in sales of these products. Mirrored furniture is seen as a versatile design style that can be used in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Home Décor by Uttermost Mirrors
Home Décor by Uttermost Furniture

Adding to their diversity with regard to designs and styles, the materials used in constructing the pieces also impress. You will find an eclectic range of wooden furniture, industrial-style sheet metal pieces, and everything in between! As you scroll through different categories of furniture featured in their online catalogue, one of the qualities that truly stands out is their out-of-the-box designs. Keeping up with the latest trends and putting their own unique touches on timeless furniture designs, Uttermost continues to please old and new consumers with their fashion-forward products season after season.

Mixing and Matching with Uttermost Accent Mirrors

If there is one thing that designers of Uttermost products can agree on, it’s that creativity has no limits. This is truly evident in the company’s past and present mirror designs that not only mix and match unique frameworks and finishes, but also use unusual shapes and abstract patterns to create stunning visual displays for your wall. The same holds true for their collection of artwork and wall décor.  

Today, almost every interior design concept includes an accent mirror to complement the room while adding functionality is seen as a bonus. This is especially true with innovative designs that feature trendy finishes and decorative patterns that double as wall-art décor. Of course, minimalism in home décor is still very much in fashion and designers at Uttermost enjoy putting their own spin on simple designs that give the pieces an edge over traditional, minimalistic mirrors.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors by Uttermost

Statement Wall Mirror by Uttermost

Staying true to their primary goal of supplying furnishing for all types of home interiors, the new arrivals of mirrors added to seasonal collections are available in virtually every style and finish you can imagine. Owing to their global success in the home décor and furnishing industry, you can find mirrors that blend right in with cultural-themed interiors and the likes. From classy antique-gold arched framework and distressed wood to frameless and glass on glass designs; Uttermost mirrors are the gifts that keep on giving! 

Decorating with Art by Uttermost and REVELATION

Not all artwork pieces go well with a specific style of home interior décor and that is why both of these brands offer a wide and diverse selection of art with intent to suit different types of homes. Be it framed objects, sculpture art, or oil paintings; you’ve got options in abundance. With that said, artists that work with Uttermost have a real knack for creating art that is not only truly subjective, but also versatile. In order words, you can find numerous pieces of art by Uttermost and REVELATION that use different elements in the pieces to help them blend in with existing décor regardless of what style of home interiors you have.

Some of their popular lines include nature-inspired artwork, abstract metal wall décor, beach-inspired wall accents, and hand-painted canvases. Available in all sizes to suit small houses and large, lavish apartments alike, decorating your walls with pieces from their frequently updated collection will take your home interior décor to a whole new level! It’s a chance for homeowners to let their own creativity take centre stage by choosing unique artworks that showcase their personality and individual style. 

You may feel overwhelmed by the different categories of artwork they supply, all of which possess a unique style such as modern, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic, however, like many art pieces, you will find a couple of items that speak to you and fit in perfectly with your home interiors. 

Wall Art & Mirrors by Uttermost
Canvas Wall Art by Uttermost

Generally, the best way to choose art for your home is by sticking to a theme; for example, subtle colours of an abstract painting with a simple frame will complement a Hamptons style home while rustic wall accents are just the thing a country home with a modern touch needs!

Luxe Mirrors – Australia-Wide Retailers of Uttermost Mirrors & Luxury Home Furnishing Products

Partnering with Uttermost back in 2014 quickly proved to be a match made in heaven for our Australian-based retail company. They had the designer products and we had the market for them. Till date, Luxe Mirrors has carried a range of their products with our main focus being luxury mirrors, and have been highly successful in selling out stocks of the vendor’s best designs. 

Like every season, distributors, retailers and consumers wait in anticipation of new arrivals to be added to their collection of home furnishing products and this time around is no different. Uttermost has already given us all a sneak peek into their spring collection while the release of the line will have to wait till closer to the end of April, 2020. As clichéd as it sounds, the new on trend arrivals have something for every décor style with a promise that there is plenty more in store for us! From classic designs with clean lines to creative modern twists with contemporary-style furnishings; the catalogue additions are sure to leave you impressed.

Mirrors & Artwork by Uttermost

Luxe Mirrors by Uttermost

Along with luxury mirrors and artwork by Uttermost, we also carry furniture collections and accessories and look forward to retailing more of their designs in the future. Perhaps, even expanding on the line of Uttermost products we sell through our online store. Luxe Mirrors offers Australia-wide delivery with return/replacement policies at no added cost. 

In conclusion, our business partnership with a global success story like Uttermost is one that we hold in high regard and will continue to strengthen with respect and a passion for bringing consumers the most sought after home furnishing products by industry-leading designers!

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