How Mirrors Are Going High Tech – Smart Mirrors

Lighted Mirror

Mirrors of the past served one functional purpose while doubling as décor pieces in the home. Fast-forward to the present day and you’ve got multi-functional high tech smart mirrors that put a home’s interior décor in a league of its own!

With the changing dynamic of mirrors and the different decorative applications we are now seeing, we are also becoming privy to a shift in technology that takes the mirror from that functional level to a more than functional, essential, and pivotal level that every homeowner will want to take advantage of. 

What can these types of high tech mirrors offer you that traditional ones cannot? Find out below.

Hi Tech LED-Lighted Mirrors – The Energy-Efficient Choice

The mirrors we see today are being outfitted with a few high tech touches which include the innovative LED-lighted mirror. Medicine cabinets and decorative lighting sconces are becoming decorative tools of the past with many homeowners updating their space with these trendy new mirrors. 

Over the years, halogen and fluorescent tube lighting have been replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting which shaves off a lot more than just a few bucks on your electricity bill. This is just one of the reasons why LED-lighted mirrors have quickly become a popular choice for bathroom spaces. 

In this category of modern, illuminated mirrors, the LED lighting is built into the piece which radiates the perfect silhouette glow. Some of these are even equipped with dimmers that enable you to achieve mood-enhanced or accent lighting with the simple touch of a dimmer switch. Although a simple feature, it can completely transform a bathroom in seconds by creating a more relaxed and serene ambience that is sure to please household members, as well as guests. Choose between Cool, Daylight or Warm LED lighting to seamlessly match your existing coloured fixtures or personal preference.

Below are two LED-lighted mirror options that come with their own set of aesthetic enhancements for a bathroom space. 

1. Backlit LED Mirrors

Back-Lit LED Oval Bathroom Mirrors Hanging on Wall in Bathroom

If the ambience you are after is a high-end, luxurious feel for your bathroom, these beautiful mirrors come with an LED light fitted on the back that creates a special aura around the mirror. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and as mentioned earlier, may also feature a dimmer switch. Since the design features the light behind the mirror, it subtly highlights the piece and the surrounding area without overshadowing other decorative components in the room. It can also be the perfect choice for an elegant yet energy-efficient nightlight for your bathroom.

With this lighted mirror, homeowners get the best of both worlds – simplicity at its finest, and a futuristic vibe to double the appeal. White backlit bathroom mirrors seem to be the clear favourite among many homeowners, however, LED mirrors can also be found in different colours such as sky blue and purple. Of course, regardless of the style, shape, and colour, a backlit LED mirror is an excellent choice for a bathroom’s focal point that not only serves its functional purpose but also illuminates the space around it. 

2. Front-lit LED Mirrors

Most household bathrooms are positioned at the darker end of a home due to privacy. This reduces the amount of natural light that comes in through the window which must then be compensated for with artificial lighting. For a bathroom setting of this nature, front-lit LED mirrors are the ideal choice because the light runs around the mirror’s edging and therefore, illuminates a wider area of bathroom space. Owing to the placement of the lighting, you can recess the mirror into the wall easily without diminishing the light quality.

Much like vanity mirrors, you get a stronger light which is perfect for makeup application and personal grooming. In fact, many argue that they are the best-lighted makeup mirrors currently on the market. One major difference between front-lighted LED mirrors and vanity or Hollywood mirrors is that they provide a much cleaner and stylish design, as well as uniform lighting by doing away with large bulbs. In terms of ambience and aesthetic appeal, you can’t go wrong with this glamorous LED-lighted mirror option for your bathroom. 

Hi Tech Smart Mirrors – Welcome to the New Age

Smart Bathroom Mirror Hanging Landscape in Bathroom

In spite of technological advancements that brought us smartphones, smart TVs and even smartwatches, who would have ever thought that someday you could look into a mirror and see more than just your reflection? With a smart mirror in your bathroom, you can catch up on current affairs, check notifications and even find out the weather forecast for the day, all while brushing your teeth.

Like other smart devices, the smart mirror has a touch screen, LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, internet connection and some are even equipped with voice-command features and in-built speakers. In fact, with the installation of supported apps, you can complete tasks such as booking a cab service while shaving or putting on makeup without the worry of dropping your smartphone in the bathroom sink! With smart mirrors, every new feature seems like the tip of the iceberg because they continue to evolve and become more useful and convenient to have in a bathroom. 

Let’s look at some of the high tech smart mirrors available on the market today.

Hello Bluetooth Stereo, Goodbye Foggy Mirror

The first sign of having a hot shower shows up on the bathroom mirror. While some people have fun with this, many dread having to wipe the surface only to reveal a distorted reflection. Fortunately, this isn’t a worry with smart mirrors that have a demister pad attached to the back of the mirror, ensuring that the glass remains crystal clear even when the bathroom is steamy.

Another great feature to take complete advantage of is the bluetooth stereo which can connect to your phone or other smart devices to stream music via apps/software such as Spotify and iTunes. If you’re worried about wires hanging around and marring your perfect vision of a clean and modern space, that’s not the case at all with these smart mirror designs that conceal all wiring so that it is out of the way and remains unseen. This allows you to maintain the clean aesthetic you want for the space while still being able to take advantage of these amazing, game-changing high tech advances to mirrors.

No Tick-Tock, Only a Digital Clock

LED Rectangular Bathroom Mirror with Built in Clock

It’s rare to see a clock hanging in the bathroom, and for good reason. Visually, clocks don’t have much appeal in a room that is predominantly covered in tile and usually decorated in a minimalistic manner.  

With that said, it is definitely convenient to be able to keep track of time when you are showering or getting ready for work but can’t use your phone or wear a watch. With a digital clock that is built right into the mirror, you never have to guess what time it is or if you are running late because it displays the time 24/7. You can even set reminders or alarms that will notify you a couple of minutes before they go off.

Infrared Sensors to Make Your Presence Felt!

LED-lighted mirrors and cabinets with built-in IR sensors can detect objects in front of them which then allows the light to be turned on and off with the wave of a hand. This eliminates the need to touch the mirror and reduces smudges on the display.

Some integrated technologies with IR sensors go one step further to minimise what is currently showing on the display and transforms it into a clear reflection, the instant motion is detected in front of the mirror. The way this works is stunningly quick and fluid so you don’t end up wasting time waiting for the display to disappear to see your reflection.

Magnifiers for an Up Close & Personal Experience!

Round Mirror with Magnifier Feature Hanging on Wall

You can now perfect your makeup application or shaving with the use of LED-lighted magnifiers that are built into your smart mirror. Unlike other mirrors with this feature, the LED lights make all the difference for a vivid reflection when you want to see your face or skin up close. 

Having both, the functionality of a regular mirror and a magnifier right in front of you makes it convenient to quickly switch between the two when you need to view your makeup or any skin impurities to compare appearances closeup versus from a distance. Having an LED-lighted magnifier mirror will help you see yourself more closely and clearly than any other type of mirror.

Hi tech Mirrored TV & Smart Virtual Mirror The Vanishing Act

Imagine your TV completely covered by a large, stunning accent mirror but with the ability for the glass to vanish as soon as you turn it on; it sounds like a magic trick but it’s really just a fascinating reminder of how far technology has advanced. With the mirror TV, you have a wide variety of stylish frameworks to choose from which will also serve as a unique border for the television set. Along with functionality, using mirrored TV technology is a great space-saving solution for homeowners who wish to free up wall space and hang up more art pieces. 

This highly advanced mirror is made with reflective glass and is fitted over the TV in a manner that seals the two objects leaving no possible way for dust to pass through. It also protects your TV from accidental scratches or other damage to the display’s surface.

There has also been other advancements such as a virtual mirror – a device that can display a users very own image on a screen as though it were an actual mirror. This cutting edge technology has been used in online shopping to show customers how an item might look on them.

From ordinary to extraordinary; the revolution of mirrors has lead to incredibly innovative, multi-functional smart mirrors that add convenience, luxury, and an unmatched aesthetic appeal to home interior décor. Keep up with the top mirror trends of 2020 and let smart technology serve you in style!

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