How to Choose the Perfect Mirror Style for Your Interiors

Luxe Thin Brass Gold Round Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror - 60cm or 80cm

It’s safe to say that mirrors offer a lot more to a room than other types of home furnishings. Be it depth or light, you can’t go wrong with décorating a space with mirrors; or can you? So what is your Mirror Style?

Well, the secret behind getting your choice of mirror right largely depends on the style of the piece. Seeing how mirrors are available in virtually any shape, size, and design, picking a suitable option can be rather tricky. The last thing you want to do is choose the wrong mirror style or one that does not do justice to both the piece and the space it is intended for or your home interiors.

So, if you’re wondering about the different mirror styles to choose from, and how to pick the right one, Luxe Mirrors is here to share with you their expertise on the same! 

1. How to choose Antique Mirrors

When you think antique, you probably think ‘old’; well, it’s time to put those thoughts in the past! Not only have antique mirrors made a comeback in the home furnishing department, they also boast versatile designs to match a wide range of interior décor styles. From contemporary and modern homes to industrial and traditional interiors; antique mirrors are a great style to go with when you want to mix and match your décor.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: In a modern/contemporary space, consider adding arched French-style mirrors which offer a good balance between vintage flair and contemporary design. Rooms finished with Chippendale furniture can include over-the-top Rococo mirrors which feature heavy ornamentation. 

Wooden antique mirrors, on the other hand, can be found in simple, aged designs, as well as intricately carved frames. Depending on your décor theme, wood-framed antique mirrors are best suited for traditional, Mid-Century modern, and French country interiors.

Antique Shanti Mirror by Uttermost 70cm x 122cm

2. How to choose Contemporary Mirrors

From Art Deco styles to decorative beaded designs; contemporary mirrors are versatile and fairly easy to match other interior décor styles. Commonly found in metal designs, contemporary mirrors feature unusual shapes, textured frames, and decorative patterns. 

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Keep your contemporary home classy with bold, gold-framed contemporary mirrors, or opt for modern-contemporary pieces featuring sleek black metal frames in a wide variety of designs. 

Contemporary mirrored art pieces are also great for decorating interiors if you are willing to compromise on functionality. Some of these styles include overlay mirror designs which are perfect for creating a focal point in the room.


3. How to choose Modern Mirrors

Modern mirrors are predominantly designed around minimalism while others feature subtle embellishments and textured frames to add more character to the piece. Of course, some innovative designs like modern bathroom LED mirrors can be chosen in accordance with your personal preference and functional needs for that intended space.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: While modern mirrors are best suited for modern, Mid-Century modern, and contemporary interiors, there’s no need to stick to minimalistic designs. Look for interesting shapes and bevelled edge modern mirrors to add a little something extra to the room. Bold, coloured frames or even LED illuminated types are also a great modern style mirror to go with, so long as it matches existing décor. 

Found in classic round and oval shapes, as well as square, oblong, and diamond shapes, one can create a stunning display of modern mirrors by purchasing a set of same-shaped wall mirrors in varying sizes.

Bucciano LED Mirror – 80cm Dia

4. How to choose Statement Mirrors

Designed to grab one’s attention at a first glance, statement mirrors are the epitome of high-quality home furnishings and décor! These mirrored pieces are intended to create a decorative focal point in the room while also adding depth and functionality. Best of all, statement mirrors are available in a wide variety or styles and finishes, making it super easy to pick a piece for your unique interiors.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Living rooms and dining rooms demand large or bold statement mirrors such as sunburst/starburst designs and other unique patterns. On the other hand, simple statement mirrors also offer decorative benefits to rooms with subtle colour themes and minimalistic interior design. 

Perfect for decorating contemporary and transitional homes, the key to choosing the perfect mirror style within the category of statement mirrors is to match/complement the finish and colour with the rest of the space.

Decorative Gold Mirror

5. How to choose Leaner/Full-Length Mirrors

These fully-functional mirrors are quickly growing in popularity for both decorative and functional purposes. Available as wall leaners and in free-standing options, this mirror style commands the room with its mere presence, let alone design. Oversized mirrors can be used in any room, however, they are best suited for entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms. 

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: If you’re attempting to stick to a décor theme, full-length mirrors are available in virtually every style imaginable including antique, modern, contemporary, ornamental, and frameless designs. Bear in mind that some wall-mounted large mirrors offer both vertical and horizontal hanging which is great if you want a landscape mirror to create the illusion of more space in the room.

To choose the right full-length leaner mirrors for your interior space, match the piece to your room décor while keeping existing colour tones and finishes in mind, too. Another thing to consider is room dimensions; look for shorter/narrower options for smaller rooms, and oversized mirrors for large rooms. 

Athens Bohemian Leaner Mirror

Once you’ve chosen the perfect mirror style for your home, be sure to justify the beauty of the piece by finding the right place to hang your new mirror! In case you don’t know how to install the mirror securely, or are looking for a wide range of wall mirrors to suit your home decor style to choose from, Luxe Mirrors Australia is happy to assist you!

Luxe Mirrors Australia – Find your Mirror Style!

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We can even help you find your own home décor styles, as well as mirrored furniture, wall art, and other decorative pieces to furnish your home with style. We are dedicated to bringing customers both modern and traditional mirror designs of the highest quality in Australia for home and commercial use. You can learn more about our premium custom made wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors or shop our ‘off the shelf’ collections right here at our online retail store!

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