How to Design the Perfect, Customised Bathroom Vanity Space

Bathroom Vanity & Mirror Design

If designed well, the vanity area can easily become the focal point of your bathroom. Of course, it’s not all about aesthetics; a bathroom vanity is intended to be practical and functional for users, particularly for the household members who will be using this space on a daily basis. Right from providing adequate storage to the inclusion of small details that make everyday routines a seamless experience; it’s all about creating a balance between beauty and functionality. 

There are a few crucial aspects of bathroom vanity design that one must think carefully about when customising this all-important unit. With the right considerations and ideas in mind, you can make your dream bathroom vanity a reality! Luckily for you, Luxe Mirrors Australia has thought of all the nitty-gritty details that go into designing the perfect bathroom vanity and surrounding space. So, read on to learn how to customise your very own bathroom vanity!

Bathroom Storage

3-Door Mirrored Cabinet
3-Door Mirrored Cabinet (120cm x 72cm)

Every bathroom needs storage; how much of it will depend on your personal preference or requirements. For example, many homeowners like to store extra bath towels and hand towels somewhere within the vanity area, as well as a wide range of skincare, bath, and body products. If you are someone who prefers to do their hair and makeup or grooming in the bathroom, perhaps you’d like to have a drawer for appliances and cosmetic products, too. Therefore, before you can choose the type of storage unit for your bathroom vanity area, you first need to determine how you will use it.

So, what are your options when it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets, anyway? Well, there are some great choices available which include wall-hung vanities, freestanding vanities, vessel vanities, and under-mounted sink vanities. For additional storage, you can complete your bathroom vanity space with a shaving cabinet or mirrored bathroom cabinet.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet include the following:

    • Size – Take measurements of the wall and floor space where you plan to put the bathroom vanity to ensure that you choose the right size 
    • Proportions – The mirror(s) or cabinet hanging above should be proportionate to the floating vanity or freestanding unit beneath the sink(s); this is achieved by ensuring that the width of the vanity is wider than the unit/shelving/mirrors above.
    • Colour/Style – Choose a colour and style to match your bathroom’s colour scheme and type of interior design; basically, keep with the theme and other finishes.

Choose Your Bathroom Materials & Finishes

Luxe Thin Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror
Luxe Thin Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

Considering the fact that bathrooms frequently go through prolonged periods of being humid and damp, the materials used in this space must be able to withstand these moisture-ridden environments. Particularly when it comes to your vanity cabinets and mirrors, it is important to choose materials that will not rot or rust due to over-exposure to humidity and dampness. 

For cabinets, plywood with polyurethane finishes, oak veneers, and laminates are all good choices. On the other hand, when buying bathroom vanity mirrors or mirrored shaving cabinets, look for pieces with copper-free glass and quality seals to prevent the silver backing from developing black spots around the edges or rusting. Foil creep is common in bathroom mirrors, however, with the absence of copper in the glass and proper sealing, there is no worry of that. 

Freestanding vs Floating Vanities

Budget Polished Edge Mirror Range (available in 4 sizes)
Budget Polished Edge Mirror Range (available in 4 sizes)

As we mentioned earlier, there are various types of vanities to choose from, of which, you can either have a freestanding unit or a wall-hung unit (floating vanity). Choosing between the two options will once again depend on your personal preference and available space. 

For a modern or contemporary bathroom, wall-hung vanities are definitely the favoured option owing to their sleek and minimalistic design. They also give the bathroom a cleaner look while freeing up floor space underneath. Of course, among dozens of other styles, you can also find modern freestanding vanities that typically include additional storage space as compared to wall-hung vanities. This is because legged bathroom vanity cabinets are designed with more shelving and/or drawers while floating vanities are generally shorter in height and slightly wider with 1-2 shelves inside. 

PRO TIPS: When choosing between a floating and freestanding vanity, consider the amount of storage you require, available floor or wall space, and the interior decor style you need to match or complement.

The Countertop & Basin

Bathroom Countertop Finishes - recessed sink design with gold tapware

The countertop is always a stylish feature of the vanity. Available in a variety of materials, apart from aesthetic appeal, colour, and texture, the vanity countertop must be chosen for its resistance to moisture, chipping, and scratching. Some great options that check all the right boxes include marble, granite, and quartz. 

For the washbasin(s), you will first need to decide on how it will be fitted or mounted; the most popular choices are countertop basins, drop-in sinks, and under-mount sinks. If you have picked a readymade bathroom vanity unit, it might dictate the type of wash basin required as not all vanities are designed to accommodate drop-in sinks or under-mount sinks. Pay close attention to styles and colours when picking your bathroom sink and remember, you can never go wrong with a matching faucet!

Bathroom Mirror or Mirrors

Arch Metal-Framed Bathroom Mirror
Arch Metal-Framed Bathroom Mirror

Without a Mirror or Mirrors hanging above, your bathroom vanity area is incomplete. As we mentioned earlier, buying copper-free bathroom mirrors is important for protection against silver creep and blackening; they should also be properly sealed to maintain the premium quality of the materials used. Overall, you should only be looking for high-quality mirrors that are guaranteed to serve your functional purposes and lend style and aesthetic value for years to come.

As far as bathroom mirror designs are concerned, and how to choose the right mirror for your vanity, take a look at a few (of many) options at your disposal:

  • Shaving/Mirrored Cabinet – Available in single, 2-door, and 3&4 -door designs
  • Mirrors with External Shelves – Designed with an attached shelf underneath the mirror or protruding from the base of the frame
  • Illuminated Mirrors – Available in front lit, back lit, and frosted-edge designs
  • Frameless Mirrors – Available in various finishes including polished, sealed, and beveled edge
  • Framed Mirrors – Available in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials; bear in mind that the material must be treated to resist moisture damage such as corrosion and discolouration

Narrow down your search for the perfect bathroom vanity mirror by determining the type of mirror you need (with or without storage), and a suitable style, shape, and size (it should be narrower or equal two the vanity unless the unit is wall-to-wall). Twin mirrors or double mirrors over double vanities are also very on trend and popular, especially in Master En-suites. These mirrors can be any type, shape, or style you like to suit the overall design aesthetic. 

Customising your bathroom vanity is highly recommended when you are unable to find the right unit to meet your requirements, both functional and decorative. It gives homeowners the opportunity to create the perfect bathroom vanity which entails designing every aspect of the unit by choosing the materials used, colour(s), style, size, etc. On top of this, the entire vanity area of your bathroom can be designed and decorated to match your customised unit, thus creating a stunning bathroom vanity space that is completely functional, trendy, and gorgeous!

To finish off your bathroom interior, check out Luxe Mirrors extensive collections of bathroom vanity mirrors and mirrored cabinets available in a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes.

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