How to Plan Your Dream Interior Space with Style Sourcebook Mood Boards!

Designing your dream interior space AND bringing it to life is something that many people can ONLY dream about. So, if the chance to create your own interior design presents itself, it’s not something you want to take for granted, nor is it something you want to get wrong the first time around! For most people, though, there is no shortage of interior design ideas whether they are sourced from the internet or simply one’s own creative vision; however, putting them together, and trying to get them across to another person or designer poses quite a challenge. It is overwhelming and oftentimes, a frustrating task. That is, of course, until they discover Style Sourcebook mood boards – a brilliant way to put your ideas down on paper (digitally or otherwise), and achieve the perfect interior space!

What is a Mood Board?

Rustic Beach Grandeur Moodboard features the Traditional style arched window mirror with a white, rustic wooden frame.
Rustic Beach Grandeur Mood board features twin Traditional style arched window mirror with a white, rustic wooden frame. Mood board created in

To put it simply, a mood board is a collage of images that include different pictures of the most important elements that make up interior design. Together, they visually represent the theme, style, colours, and shapes that you would like to see in your interior space, and give designers a clear idea of the direction you want to go in with the project. Furthermore, companies like Style Sourcebook make it super fun and easy to create your own interior design mood board using images that link to actual products that you can purchase online! They have partnered with numerous Australian brands in the furnishing industry, as well as some renowned international companies that leave users spoiled for choice! Their vast selections of products include bathroom fixtures, furniture, lighting options, mirrors, exterior design elements, and much more.

With a blank mood board in front of you, you can float ideas around, mix and match colours, switch out images, and play around with the design project until you are thoroughly satisfied with the final collage. This is basically the purpose of a mood board – to allow the creator to finalise the overall design after exploring the many different ideas they had in mind. This gives you a chance to get a few “out there” ideas out of your system, or perhaps, be pleasantly surprised by how well a bold/experimental design actually looks! Either way, creating a mood board is great for getting your creative juices flowing, and having a concrete idea (in pictures) of how you want your interior space to look.

Luxe Mirrors Tips to Create the Perfect Style Sourcebook Mood Board

When you have an endless amount of options at your disposal, that’s when the confusion sets in. This is one of the reasons why creating a mood board can be a little tricky. You might end up changing your mind every few minutes because you suddenly have a newfound love for an entirely different colour, style, or product that you’ve just seen on your screen. Well, that’s bound to happen from time to time but it only solidifies the importance of creating mood boards and the purpose they serve! 

To design the perfect mood board, take a look at these crucial tips that will help put you on the right path, and guide you through planning out your interior design to get the exact look and style you want! 

1. Make a Simple Floor Plan

First things first; although this may seem like a not-so-fun part of planning your interior design, it is necessary. Unless you have a scaled floor plan of the space, it is not advisable to pick out large furniture pieces because you might have your heart set on a few select items, only to have it broken should the dimensions of the piece(s) not fit into your interior space. So, to avoid that heartbreak, get this simple yet technical little thing over and done with, and let the fun begin!

2. Determine the Style & Colour Scheme

Sage Haven Moodboard featuring an Arched Mirror made with a metal metal frame and copper free glass.
Sage Haven Mood board features a beautiful Arched Mirror made with a metal frame and copper-free glass. Mood board created in

Very often, the interior design style influences the colour theme or, at the very least, narrows down your options to a few select palettes. For example, if you’re going with a California cool style, you’ll be designing the space around light-coloured walls, blue pops of colour, light greys, and perhaps some dark mahogany accents. On the other hand, if you have a preferred colour combination in mind, you can pick a suitable interior design style that will work with it instead. 

3. Select Foundation Furniture

Now that you’ve got your floor plan ready and settled on a style/colour theme for your interior design, it’s time to add some furniture to your mood board. Depending on which room you are designing, start with the basics and/or the largest pieces. For example, a couch, coffee table, and perhaps an end table for a living room; bed, dresser, wardrobe for a bedroom; vanity, sink, mirror, and fittings/fixtures for a bathroom space, and so on. Regardless of the room in question, it’s important to stick to styles, colours, and patterns that are in tune with the rest of your interior design style.

4. Set the Tone with Decor

If you’ve gotten to the point where everything on your mood board looks great together but there is something missing; it’s the decor, of course! This crucial part of interior design is what ties the whole room together, and must be well thought-out if you really want to take your interior to the next level. Everything from wall shelves, artwork, and wall decor, to plants, decorative pieces, cushions, throws, and curtains; interior home decor holds the key to transforming an incomplete space into a perfectly designed interior! Pay close attention to materials, textures, and colours when selecting your decor pieces; while you might want to add some contrast, remember, there is a fine line between contrasting and clashing!

5. Choose the Right Mirrors

Monochromatic Luxe Moodboard features a Black Metal Frame Leaner Mirror and an Arch Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror perfect for modern designed bathrooms.
Monochromatic Luxe Mood board features a Black Metal Frame Leaner Mirror and an Arch Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror perfect for modern designed bathrooms. Mood board created in

Mirrors have so much to offer both functionally and decoratively. This is why they are one of the most important decor pieces in living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, powder rooms, entryways, and hallways. Available in many new innovative designs, over-the-top styles, and every shape, colour, and material you can think of, it’s no wonder why so many people struggle to choose the right mirror for their interiors! 

Let’s take a brief look at the factors to consider when selecting a mirror to complete your mood board:

  • TYPE.

    Today, you can find purposefully designed mirrors to meet a specific requirement whether aesthetically or functionally. For example, if you are looking for the best options for a bathroom space, you might find that lighted mirrors (equipped with demister pads) are an excellent choice. Similarly, mirrored cabinets available in single, double, and even triple door designs are great for when you need extra storage in your bathroom. 


    Apart from the actual frame design, the type of metal or material used is also an important factor when incorporating a mirror into a specific interior design style. For example, if the room design calls for a vintage mirror, consider a frame with a distressed finish. Bear in mind that you can also choose frameless mirror designs for a minimalist and clean look.


    Here’s where you get to be really playful and creative because, unless you want to stick to a traditional shape such as round, square, or rectangle, you can step out of the box and choose an unusual mirror shape that will stand out and even serve as a focal point in the room.


    You can go bold or play it safe when it comes to choosing the colour of your mirror. Many decor styles call for pops of colour which is exactly what you can achieve with the addition of a vibrant framed mirror. Of course, elegant silvers, golds, whites, blacks, and the likes are all at your disposal; ultimately, your final choice should boil down to what colour matches the rest of your decor best. 

  • SIZE

    This is where having a scaled floor plan helps. Since you are able to pick out furniture for your Style Sourcebook mood board based on dimensions of the interior design, picking the perfect size mirror for the space is also easier. One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the size of your mirror is proportions. You don’t want the mirror to look unflatteringly large in front of a piece of furniture but rather, ensure that it is proportionate to it. For example, the width of a console mirror should not be wider than the table below; the same with a bathroom mirror and the vanity. 

Interior Design & Style Sourcebook Mood board Planning the Creative Way

Every design project should begin with a mood board because it is the most accurate visual representation designers and homeowners alike need for bouncing ideas around before reaching a final, 100% satisfactory interior design plan. With a company like Style Sourcebook, you can find a wide range of available products to add to your mood board, and also purchase the items through a convenient product link that takes you right to the respective brand’s website. 

Thanks to mood boards, it’s never been more fun or easier to express creative ideas in interior design! With that said, the tips shared in this article are very important as they will help you go about planning your dream mood board the right way in order to achieve the best end result!

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