Luxe Mirrors Australia Top 5 Premium Bathroom Mirrors

Salve Back Lit Mirror 90cm x 45cm

What makes a premium bathroom mirror stand out? Which type of bathroom mirror is going to serve not one, but multiple purposes? What’s the best shape and size to add both functionality and beauty to the space? These are just a couple of factors to consider when looking to add the perfect mirror to your bathroom, all while getting bang for your buck!

Unlike olden day bathroom plans that were purely purpose-built, today, designs and overall features are given utmost importance to make the space as functional and attractive as possible. For these reasons, and more, the type of bathroom mirror you choose is a crucial ‘make it or break it’ addition to the space! 

At Luxe Mirrors, each range of premium bathroom mirrors carries purpose-driven designs to take your bathroom space to the next level. These all-round, premium-crafted pieces check all the right boxes with regard to style, design, functionality, and aesthetics. More importantly, they are built to resist moisture and corrosion thanks to specially treated materials used in manufacturing the products. In other words, you can rest assured that you are getting a bathroom mirror that will stand the test of time and therefore, is worth every penny of the cost! With that said, we’ve narrowed down the plethora of available options to Luxe Mirrors’ top 5 premium bathroom mirrors. Check them out below!

1. Milan Range

The popularity of our Milan range is owed to their versatile style and clean-cut designs. Each piece features a matte black, powder-coated steel frame and minimalistic design for vertical or horizontal hanging. Fitted with copper-free mirrors, you never have to worry about the frame or glass succumbing to rust in damp and humid conditions, thus making them a suitable option for bathroom spaces and powder rooms. Perfect for modern bathrooms that require an adaptable mirror design, the Milan range is high in quality and trendy in appearance. Available in different shapes and sizes, finding the perfect fit for your bathroom is easy-peasy with our affordable, sought after Milan range!

Products in Milan Range


1. Milan Curved Corner Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

Available in two sizes – 50cm x 75cm & 150cm x 50cm

This product features curved edges to soften an otherwise sharp, modern bathroom mirror design. It is fairly simple in appearance and yet, adds a touch of class to the bathroom with its humble design and high-quality frame. Primarily designed for bathroom spaces, the Milan Curved Corner Black Metal Frame can also be used in other rooms of your home to add a stylish and classy touch.


2. Milan Metal Black Frame Bathroom Mirror

Available in one size – 75cm x 90cm

Nothing like a straight-forward bathroom mirror design that serves its purpose and blends in perfectly with modern interiors. Depending on the size of your vanity, you can hang this rectangular piece vertically or horizontally for maximum functionality. Thanks to its simple, clean-cut design, the Milan Metal Black Frame Bathroom Mirror has the makings of a truly versatile premium bathroom mirror.


3. Milan Round Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

Available in two sizes – 60cm Diameter & 90cm D

If you think you can’t go wrong with a round bathroom mirror, you’re right! Class and elegance are a given with a simple, modern design like this premium quality piece. The smooth, matte finish of its black metal frame provides a subtle boldness to the stylish yet simple mirror design. Perfect for modern bathrooms and other rooms of your home as well, the Milan Round Black Metal Frame is certainly one of the more affordable premium bathroom mirrors out there. 

2. Madrid Round

Available in two sizes – 60cm x 25mm Depth & 80cm x 25mm D

Apart from achieving the desired vision for your bathroom, the quality of accessories used to enhance the space and add functionality must be prioritised. This is particularly true with bathroom mirrors that are exposed to humidity and moisture on a daily basis. 

With the addition of our Madrid Black Metal Round Bathroom Mirror, you are guaranteed a beautifully finished piece crafted from first-rate materials that will last for years to come. Like the Milan range, it comes with copper-free glass snuggly fitted into a powder-coated steel frame to protect the piece from rust and/or corrosion.

The 17mm thickness of its matte black finished frame gives the mirror a bold outline to accentuate dark-coloured fittings and other accessories in your bathroom while the shape of the piece adds versatility to the space. Equipped with hangers for easy installation, the Madrid Black Metal Round Bathroom Mirror is widely chosen by customers for its premium quality, stylish appearance, and attractive rate! Best of all, it serves as a unique addition to modern bathroom interiors by standing out and blending in all at once!

3. Signature Range

When you’ve got enough going with your bathroom design or décor, all you need is a frameless bathroom mirror to complement it! The Signature range of bathroom mirrors we carry offers just that with simple designs and elegant, polished edges. These sleek pieces are merely 6mm in depth and made from premium quality Australian standard As2208 glass and Viridian silver. As you might have guessed, the mirrors are copper-free and hence, resist rust and corrosion in damp or humid areas. Although best suited for bathroom use, these stylish mirrors can also be hung in other areas of a home and serve their purpose of adding functionality and more appeal to the room. Each piece is warranted for 3 years and comes with an instruction manual to hang the mirrors up securely by their attached fittings. Available in various shapes and sizes, the clean and classy designs of our Signature premium bathroom mirrors are exactly what value for money should look like!

Products in Signature Range


1. Signature Tyler Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror

Available in five sizes – 40cm (Diameter), 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 90cm

Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror

From afar, the subtle charm and simplicity of this round bathroom mirror make a great first impression while a closer look at its cleanly polished edge takes it to another level! Crafted from Viridian silver, this frameless bathroom mirror adds a special quality to the room which is one of the reasons why customers are drawn to the circular-shaped piece. Like other mirrors in the range, the Signature Tyler Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror can be securely glued to the wall, batten-fixed, or hung via screw-to-wall fixture. 


2. Signature Tyler Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror

Available in six sizes – 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H,
60cm W x 60cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H & 75cm W x 75cm H 

Guaranteed to enhance your bathroom space with its purely elegant and minimalist design, this frameless, rectangular-shaped mirror is a marvellous addition to modern bathrooms. With a 6mm depth, the piece can be glued to the wall or fitted via other hanging options upon request. Don’t be fooled by the sleekness of the piece, though; the Signature Tyler Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror boasts Viridian silver glass which is of the highest quality for long-lasting use. Yes, it will stand the test of time and enhance your bathroom space all the while! 


3. Signature Susan Polished Bevel Edge Bathroom Mirror

Available in six sizes – 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H,
75cm W x 75cm H, 60cm W x 90cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H

A simple, rectangle bathroom mirror with a gorgeous 30mm beveled edge; not only does this piece suit various types of bathroom designs, but it also adds a truly stylish and elegant finish to the space. The polished edges of its copper-free glass are just the icing on the cake for this stunning premium bathroom mirror made from first-rate Viridian silver. Sure to impress with its aesthetic appeal, the Signature Susan Polished Bevel Edge Bathroom Mirror will add all the functionality and beauty you need in your bathroom space!

4. Rear Soft Glow Range

Modern bathrooms are getting a new lease of life with more and more innovative ideas becoming a reality by top designers. This is no different where premium bathroom mirror designs are concerned, something that is truly evident in our very own Rear Soft Glow Range that comes with a 3-year warranty period! Equipped with a 12-volt transformer and fitted with low-energy LED lights on the back, they provide a halo-like glow around the piece, adding a sense of calm and a futuristic vibe to the space as well. The mirrors also feature concealed wiring within the units for a neat and clean look while the demister pads on the back prevent the glass from fogging up when running a hot bath. Perfect for illuminating more space around the vanity area, this range of premium bathroom mirrors is for those who are willing to spend a little extra money to take their modern bathrooms to the next level!

Products in Rear Soft Glow Range


1. Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror

 Available in one size – 50cm Width x 100cm Height

The shape alone gives this piece an elegant edge over average bathroom mirror designs while the softness of the LED glow puts it in a league of its own! Unlike some types of backlit bathroom mirrors, this one uses low-energy LED lights and is hard-wired for a neat and clean overall appearance. The polished edge adds to its sleek and trendy aesthetic appeal, making the Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror a highly desirable piece for modern bathrooms, as well as other rooms of the house. 


2. Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror 

Available in one size – 120cm Width x 80cm Height

Typically, there are two sets of people: those that prefer sharp-edged mirrors and those that look for curved corners to soften up their mirror design; for the latter group, the Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror is a valuable addition to a modern bathroom! This large piece brightens up your bathroom during the day by offering wide reflective angles while the backlit glow will help to illuminate the space at night. A perfect choice for a dimly lit bathroom space to create just the right ambience for a relaxing bath at the end of a long day!


3. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Round Bathroom Mirror

Available in two sizes – 90cm Diameter & 60cm Diameter

Rear Soft Glow Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror Round 60cm or 90cm

Many customers experience a ‘love at first sight’ moment when they get a glimpse of this exquisite, round bathroom mirror with LED fitted lights on the back! Available in two different options – warm lights and cool lights – these mirrored pieces are hard-wired to be turned on via motion sensor, programmable timer, or a separate switch. The Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Round Bathroom Mirror is an absolute stunner and sought after piece from the range thanks to its polished edge finish and calming backlit illumination.


1. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Available in two sizes – 120cm Width x 80cm Height & 90cm W x 75cm H

Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

A clean-cut design, polished edges, and an alluring rear glow; what more could you ask for with this premium LED rectangular bathroom mirror? The piece exudes class and style from every viewing angle while the calming glow of its cool light offers a unique and stunning visual to modern bathroom spaces. Whether you choose to hang it vertically or horizontally, rest assured that the concealed wiring on the back allows for a neat and clean addition to the space. The Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror is made from first-rate materials and comes with demister pads for a crystal clear reflection no matter how steamy your bathroom is!

5. Round Single Door Mirrored Cabinet

Available in one size – (Mirror) 60cm Diameter, (Cabinet) 40cm Width x 40cm Height

If you’re looking for the perfect concealed space to hold your bathroom essentials, this beautifully crafted, single door mirrored cabinet checks all the right boxes! Fitted with a premium, authentic Australian round mirror, the hidden cabinet features two shelves including one adjustable shelf to conveniently store miscellaneous toiletries and grooming essentials. Made from moisture-resistant Particle Board, you don’t have to worry about the cabinet succumbing to wear and tear for years to come. 

The glossy finish of the white laminated cabinet makes it rather easy to blend in with existing bathroom fittings while its attached round frameless mirror adds a visually pleasing effect to the overall aesthetics of the space. Thanks to its minimalist design and exquisite finish with hidden fixings, the trendy Round Single Door Mirrored Cabinet makes for an excellent choice to add class and functionality to a modern bathroom space.

Luxe Mirrors carries a wide range of Premium Quality bathroom mirrors for all home décor styles, as well as mirrored furniture, wall art, and other decorative pieces. We are dedicated to bringing customers both modern and traditional bathroom mirror designs of the highest quality in Australia for home and commercial use. You can learn more about our top 5 premium bathroom mirrors and shop other collections right here at our online retail store!

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