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Arched Wall Mirror

Styling Secrets

When you think of a mirror, what comes to mind? For many, nothing more than a tool to make sure they look their best is what they think of. But the reality is that there are many different ways to use mirrors to get even more from them. And beyond that, today’s mirrors are much more than just rectangles with a reflection in them – they’ve gone well beyond that and entered the realm of being artistic representations of your own style.

So what kind of mirror trends are hot right now? Really, anything goes and you’ll likely notice that there are so many different types of mirrors on the market that it really becomes a question of what you want rather than what’s available.

Here are a few top trends to pay attention to.

Nidelva Mirror – by Uttermost

Geometric shapes

Squares and rectangles aren’t the only options anymore. From rounded to diamond shaped and beyond, there are many mirror shapes that add a little something extra to the look of a piece.

Adelmar Mirror – by Uttermost


In many instances, it’s the borders of the mirrors that really help it stand out. Unique modern art approaches, rustic traditional frames, and more area all available. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that match your style the best.

Gouveia Mirror – by Uttermost

Cluster mirrors

Pieces using clusters of numerous smaller mirrors arranged in patterns, shapes, or artistic styles can serve as a conversation piece or a focal point in any room of the home. From freestanding mirrors to hanging works of art, there are numerous choices here.

The right mirror can work to lighten a room, tie an interior space together, and much more. They’re far beyond just being a piece to make sure you look great, and today mirrors are becoming an integral part of interior design for very good reason. Use these helpful Wall Mirror top trends to your advantage, Don’t overlook them or what they can do for a home and office spaces.


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