Backlit Bathroom Mirror with Block Lights


Cool Light

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The use of Ablaze Back-Lit Mirrors in your bathroom creates an added ambience to the room and also allows you to leave the energy efficient lights on during the night as a night light in the bathroom.

A series of blocks along the border of the mirrors allows the light to shine through, creating a feature and giving more light when using the mirrors.

Ablaze Back-Lit Mirrors feature either a white painted or aluminium back box which is screwed to the wall and then the mirror hung on the front using hooks secured to the mirror. All LED models include a 12 volt transformer in the unit and the fluorescent light models connect directly to 240 volt. Wiring is through the centre of the back box and this needs to be hard wired to a switch in the room either in the light switch panel or centre of the power point.

2 sizes available



W508 x H711 x D45, W711 x H1016 x D45