Backlit Square Bathroom Mirror with LED Border 75cm – (Cool Light) or (Warm Light)

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Looking to change the overall ambience of your bathroom? LED mirrors are the solution for that. Our Backlit square Bathroom Mirror comes with a low energy LED light that is inbuilt in the mirror. This LED light emits a special glow through a square of light placed inside a square border. The 26watt demister pad attached to the mirror ensures that the glass of the mirror remains crystal clear even when the room is steamy and humid. The mirror also comes with an aluminium back box that not only makes it easy to install it but also conceals all the wires attached to the mirror.

Though designed primarily as a bathroom mirror, the Backlit square mirror can be placed in any room of the house as per your requirement. It can be placed in your dressing area as a dressing mirror or simply hung on your bedroom wall. The low energy LED light also makes the mirror fit as a nightlight.

Low Energy LED Lights
12 Volt Transformer Included
No Switch on Unit
Concealed Wiring behind unitmm
26 Watt Demister Included
3 Year Warranty
Available with Cool or Warm lights

Dimensions –
W 762mm x H 762mm x D 45mm


Can I use a back-lit mirror as the only light in my room? 
This depends on the size of the mirror and the size of the bathroom. In most situations, normal overhead lighting should be available in addition to the back-lit mirror.

How is the mirror controlled / operated? 
The Premium Backlit Mirrors are hard wired units with no switch on the mirror. They are designed to be hard wired into a simple switch, a programmable timer or motion sensor.

What is the difference between Cool and Warm light? 
Warm lights emit more of a yellowish colour that produces a warm and welcoming atmosphere designed to mimic natural sunlight. Cool lights emit a brighter, white artificial light for a cleaner feel and makes the mirror more functional.

What does it cost to run my Back-lit mirror? 
The LEDs on the back-lit range consume minimal energy and running costs are almost negligible. For example, an average sized mirror
(i.e. S900C) will cost only one cent per hour to run. (Based on a 0.3 kw/h energy tariff).



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