Smart Storage Solutions For Your Small Bathroom Space

Backlit Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom is where you’ll end up spending a huge portion of your life – more than many might realise. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your bathroom is as comfortable as it can be.

Storage can be at a premium, especially in smaller bathrooms where space is hard to come by. Luckily, if you get creative it’s easy to add some extra space and gain storage areas for bathroom essentials.

One of the keys to doing just that is to use inbuilt mirrored cabinets. Most are familiar with the ‘medicine cabinet’, that small bit of storage space behind the bathroom mirror. Inbuilt mirrored cabinets are exactly that, only today’s are much more effective and efficient than ever before.

> Traditional style inbuilt mirrored cabinets in the medicine cabinet style are still very popular, but today’s are available in a wide range of styles. This lets you choose the type of mirror that matches your bathroom perfectly, and also choose a size that works as well.

> They don’t have to just go above the sink. Multiple mirrors can mean multiple cabinets, and many designs use several different mirrors to provide maximum storage space while still looking great.

> Cabinets can be made from multiple materials that are safe for use in the bathroom, including metal shelves that can stand up to moisture without any problems

While these are perfect solutions for small bathrooms, don’t feel like they’re only good there. Small bedrooms, pantries, and even dining rooms can benefit from custom made inbuilt mirrored cabinets, and it’s easy to find several different types of designs for any room.

Even the smallest bathrooms do have options for storing essentials and more. The key is looking at the ways that provide solutions in a more intelligent way. Inbuilt cabinets are a perfect option worth considering.


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