The Best Placement Tips for Large Oversized Mirrors

Where is the best position to place an oversized Mirror in my home? How can I have the best aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality in my space? Well, read on to find out all about the best placement tips for Oversized Mirrors. Finding a suitable place to hang up a small wall mirror is always easier than decorating with an oversized one. This is because, along with its large size, there is so much you can get out of a floor mirror which is why a lot of thought goes into its placement in a space. Safety is also a concern due to the size and weight of these large mirrors. You want to make sure that it does not obstruct pathways and that it is properly installed to prevent mishaps. It all sounds like a lot to think about but that’s what we are here for! 

Today, Luxe Mirrors is sharing the best placement tips for oversized mirrors that will help you get the most out of them. We will cover which rooms they work well in, where to place them to maximise aesthetics and function, and some very important safety tips when installing floor mirrors in your home. So then, let’s begin!

Where to Place Large Oversize Mirrors in Your Home

Silver Leaner Mirror with an Antique Silver Baroque styled wooden frame
Silver Leaner Mirror with an Antique Silver Baroque-style wooden frame perfect for a traditional interior styling.

Full-length mirrors are luxurious pieces to have in any room of your house; they have a way of capturing your attention as soon as you walk in and are often used as focal points in an interior space. With that said, the wrong placement can draw attention for all the wrong reasons! So, if you want to get your mirror placement right, here is what you will need to keep in mind. Read on!

The Tall Living Room Leaner

Marguerite Ornate Gold Floor Mirror
Marguerite Ornate Gold Floor Mirror

When you picture a living room, you imagine an airy space with lots of natural light and well-matched decor and furnishings. Well, the great thing about oversized mirrors in your living room is that, with the right placement, natural light will bounce right off of it and really open up the space. Pick a corner by the window to brighten up your living room, and bring some of the outdoors in! You can even convert this space into a cozy reading corner by decorating the area around the leaner mirror with a tall plant and decorative lamp atop a small end table. 

Oversized Cheval Mirror in the Entryway

There’s something about an entryway without a mirror that looks incomplete. Of course, apart from an aesthetic viewpoint, a full-length mirror in an entryway makes the space more functional. Bear in mind that you should not place a mirror opposite your front door as it can be startling to guests as soon as they enter your house. Instead, position your oversized mirror either parallel to the wall or at an angle towards the end of the entryway. Place a coat rack beside it where household members and guests alike can take a quick look at their reflection on their way in and out of the house!

Large Dining Room Floor Mirrors

Dining areas are generally not the most spacious rooms in the house and can even feel a bit cramped up if you’ve got other large furniture pieces around such as a buffet table and wall-mounted cabinetry. An oversized mirror in a small dining room, particularly one without windows, can do wonders to the space by reflecting more light (albeit artificial), and creating the illusion of a larger and airier room. Installing a large horizontal mirror above a buffet table or a mirror tilted upwards on an open wall is perfect for a dining space. Consider an oversized window mirror design for a dining room (without a window) to add more aesthetic appeal, and enjoy the benefits of a larger-appearing room!

Big Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors 

Extra Large Arch with a Gold Metal Frame Leaner Mirror
Extra Large Arch with a Gold Metal Frame Leaner Mirror

Whether it’s a master bedroom or a small guest bedroom, accommodating a dressing mirror is a must! Other than opposite your bed, you can place a floor mirror beside your closet, by the window, or even beside your nightstand Having a full-length mirror in your bedroom is not just favourable for functional purposes but also for giving the room more depth. This is especially true when you place a mirror behind an object such as a lamp or a decorative piece; similarly, reflecting unique features in the room is also a great way to add dimension. For bedrooms with walk-in robes, an oversized leaner mirror only adds to the beauty, function, and luxury of the space. 

Hallways – Let’s Create More Space with Mirrors!

Brentley Contemporary Panel Mirror
Brentley Contemporary Panel Mirror – Sleek and suitable for giving the illusion of a larger space.

Sometimes you just need to break up wall space with something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful floor mirror or full-length mirror on the wall does just that by adding a little drama and sophistication to an otherwise plain and overlooked space. Even better, if you have artwork or decorative lighting along the opposite wall, their reflection in the mirror will brighten and liven up the place. Oversized mirrors in hallways are also great for adding length to a longer-looking passage.

Wall Mounted Arched Bathroom Mirrors – A New Design Trend

Large Modern White Arched Metal Framed Mirror
Large Modern White Arched Metal Framed Mirror

Oversized Full Length Mirrors are recently becoming a design trend that we are seeing more often in Bathroom spaces. Not only is a large-sized mirror featured over the bathroom vanity unit but also mounted on the wall as a full-length vertical mirror. These are essentially a dressing-type mirror being most functional – wherein the reflection you can check your overall appearance before leaving the bathroom. As bathrooms become larger in design, it is easier to find the wall space required to mount this style of mirror. Certainly a new design trend that we are seeing in Australian homes more recently!

Safety Tips for Installing Large Oversized Mirrors

While large leaner mirrors or oversized wall mirrors do their bit to spruce up a room instantly, they should not come at a cost (other than the price tag). These heavy pieces must be handled cautiously with the help of one or more people to safely move them around before finding the perfect place for them. As far as the installation is concerned, there are safety measures one must adhere to in order to ensure that the mirror is properly secured to the wall. 

Here are some crucial safety tips to keep in mind when installing oversized mirrors in your home:

  • If you are mounting a full-length mirror on the wall, use a wide Z-bar hanger that is 5” – 7” narrower than the width of the mirror on each side (i.e. the space between the edge of the mirror and where the hanger begins/ends)
  • For leaner mirrors, secure them to the wall using an L-bar
  • When using hooks and brackets, check the weight limit marked on the pieces to ensure that they can withstand the weight of the mirror
  • Avoid placing floor mirrors in areas that see a lot of foot traffic or where one is likely to trip over them
  • If needed, ask your mirror supplier for assistance or if they offer professional installation services

For high-quality, versatile, and on-trend oversized mirrors, check out our collections of large decorative and frameless mirror designs. Luxe Mirrors Australia supplies and delivers premium mirrors across the country in every shape and size you can imagine! 

With the perfect leaner mirror or dressing mirror delivered to your home, and the many useful, aesthetic, and functional placement tips to safely install your new oversized mirror, we have no doubt that you will be gleaming from ear to ear with the end result!

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