The New ABLAZE Frameless Bathroom Mirror Range From Luxe Mirrors

jackson polished edge bathroom mirror

Exquisite style, modern elegance, and minimalist beauty; if you’re wondering how you can get all of this from a simple bathroom mirror, let us introduce you to the new, all-encompassing ABLAZE Frameless Bathroom Mirror Range from Luxe Mirrors! Intentionally designed to meet the requirements of any bathroom or powder room, these frameless mirrors add the perfect balance of function and beauty to the space. 

As new bathroom mirror trends are introduced year in and year out, we are seeing an increase in the number of customers that ask: “do you have that in a different shape and size?” Well, if it’s the new ABLAZE range of premium frameless bathroom mirrors you’re interested in, then the answer is: “Yes, we certainly do!”

Welcome Bathroom Mirror Perfection In These Stunningly Simple Shapes

From clean-cut and curvy-edged designs to a combination of both; there is no shape you won’t find or will not be thoroughly satisfied with from this truly versatile selection. Whether you are looking to buy a large bathroom mirror for a master ensuite, or a compact yet functional mirror for a powder room, having a wide variety of shapes and sizes to pick from helps a great deal!

As you explore our ABLAZE Frameless Mirror Range, you will find a stellar collection of products in flattering shapes to perfectly suit your bathroom or powder room. Take a look below.

Rectangle Bevel Edge – Montana

Rectangular Beveled Bathroom Mirror
Rectangular Beveled Bathroom Mirror

For a wider, uncompromised reflection, frameless rectangle mirrors are always preferred. Particularly for bathroom interiors that often call for sleek and slender mirror designs, the Rectangle Bevel Edge offers just the right amount of style while keeping functionality at the forefront of the design. Depending on your preference and vanity design, you can install the piece vertically or horizontally. An up-close look at the exquisite beveled edge finish of this frameless bathroom mirror is sure to persuade anyone into buying this premium piece right away!

If you would like to view the Montana Rectangle Bevel Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Round Polished Edge – Rio

Round Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror
Round Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror

There are quite a few reasons why round frameless mirrors are popular picks for bathrooms and powder rooms. For starters, they are attractive without taking up too much space, and versatile in terms of matching the mirror to a specific interior design style. With the Round Polished Edge frameless bathroom mirror, you never have to guess if you made the right choice because, after you see it hung up or glued to the wall of your bathroom or powder room, you’ll have all the assurance you need!

If you would like to view the Rio Round Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Pill Shaped Polished Edge – Duke

Pill Shaped Bathroom Mirror
Pill Shaped Bathroom Mirror

Much like rectangular mirrors, a pill-shaped bathroom mirror offers wider/taller reflective coverage than that of a round or square mirror (even when you opt for a slightly smaller size). Apart from this perk, the curved edges, beautiful finish, and eye-catching shape of the Pill Polished Edge come together to make up one stunning frameless bathroom mirror that delivers on both style and function.

If you would like to view the Duke Pill Shaped Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Rectangle Polished Edge – Jackson

Rectangle Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror
Rectangle Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror

For a powder room mirror that stays through to the fundamentals of minimalist design, the Rectangle Polished Edge bathroom mirror is certainly the way to go. With a high-quality finish to smoothen out this well-defined and wholly functional frameless design, you get a cleaner, simpler look than similar frameless bathroom mirrors that feature beveled edge finishes and sandblasted borders. So, if you’re looking for simplicity and class, this polished edge rectangular mirror is an excellent choice.

If you would like to view the Jackson Rectangle Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Oval Polished Edge – Cody

Oval Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror – Available in 2 sizes
Oval Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror – Available in 2 sizes

There’s something about oval-shaped mirrors that bring about a sense of classic, vintage style. Of course, a frameless option like the Oval Polished Edge bathroom mirror exudes modern minimalism and yet, offers versatility when paired with different bathroom interior decor styles. This is one of those bathroom mirror designs that stands out without the need for embellishments or detailed borders. Install it vertically or horizontally in your powder room or bathroom space and let the aesthetic appeal speak for itself! 

If you would like to view the Cody Oval Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Arch Polished Edge – Aspen

Budget Arch Bathroom Mirror
Arch Bathroom Mirror

Can you go wrong with a classic arch bathroom mirror? The answer to that would be a unanimous ‘no’! Thanks to the design’s clean lines and rounded off the top, the frameless Arch Polished Edge bathroom mirror is perfectly shaped to hang above a vanity. When installed as twin mirrors over his and hers sinks in a master ensuite, you get the look of luxury while staying true to minimalism for the perfect modern touch to your bathroom interior.

If you would like to view the Aspen Arch Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Round Bevel Edge – Kent

Kent Round Bevel-Edged Bathroom Mirror Range – Available in 5 sizes
Kent Round Bevel-Edged Bathroom Mirror Range – Available in 5 sizes

It’s funny how mirrors of the same size, shape, and design offer a totally different look when finished differently. Take the Round Polished Edge mirror and Round Bevel Edge mirror for example; the former provides a much simpler and cleaner look while the latter offers more depth to the design. In fact, many individuals prefer beveled edge bathroom mirrors in the frameless category because they are elegant and stylish without the bulkiness of a decorative frame. This gorgeous design is no different and will fit right in when matched with a modern or contemporary interior decor style. 

If you would like to view the Kent Round Bevel Edge Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Rectangle Sandblasted Border – Sierra

Sierra Polished Edge Sandblasted Border Bathroom Mirror Range – Available in 3 sizes
Sierra Polished Edge Sandblasted Border Bathroom Mirror Range – Available in 3 sizes

One of the most on-trend and sought-after designs in frameless bathroom mirrors includes sandblasted borders! Whether the design is intended for a front-lit bathroom mirror or to add a ‘wow’ factor to the piece with that extra bit of detailing, very few people can pass on this frameless mirror style after they have laid eyes on it! With its decorative nature, functional design, and premium finish, the Rectangle Sandblasted Border in the ABLAZE Frameless Mirror Range looks stunning in any powder room or bathroom! 

If you would like to view the Sierra Rectangle Sandblasted Border Bathroom Mirror, follow this link:

Mirror Size Variants for the Perfect Bathroom Fit!

The joy of finding the perfect bathroom mirror can often be short-lived after finding out that it isn’t available in the size you require! Similarly, understanding how to pick the right size is also important when shopping for frameless mirrors for powder rooms and bathrooms. Having size variants in a particular design is always helpful when you are being extra picky with your bathroom mirror of choice and looking for the perfect fit!

The new ABLAZE Frameless Mirror Range consists of various shapes and multiple products that are all available in size variants ranging from small to large to suit all vanity sizes. This makes it super easy to find the perfect-sized frameless mirror for small powder rooms, big bathrooms, and everything in between! Check out the gorgeous pieces in the range on our product page for the exact dimensions of each mirror.

Luxe Mirrors New Size Range of Thermomirror Demister Pads Available

Round LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister

To keep bathroom mirrors condensation-free during and after a hot bath or shower, all you need is one of our new Thermomirror demister pads fitted on the back. Now available in various sizes to match the products in the ABLAZE frameless mirror collection, you can purchase a suitable demister pad along with your new mirror, or individually. The Thermomirror Demister Pads come with a 10-year warranty and are manufactured as per Australian quality standards. 

Two Convenient Mirror Fixing Methods to suit your Application

Unless you have more than one fixing option to choose from, you don’t realise how convenient it is when looking for the best way to install a bathroom mirror. Safety is always a concern when putting up mirrors, particularly in bathrooms due to the hard surfaces and flooring that generally make up the space. With the ABLAZE range of frameless bathroom mirrors, you can install them flush against the wall, or simply hang them with brackets.

Below are the two fixing styles for the entire range of ABLAZE Frameless Mirrors.

The Hanging Method

For the hanging style, the product comes with two sturdy but narrow hangers that keep the mirror relatively close and parallel to the wall. The installation is completed with tongue wall hangers that must be secured to the wall with screws so that the brackets on the mirror can sit over them. The manufacturer advises the use of additional timber in the wall when installing their products as this will ensure complete safety when securing the mirror to the wall hanger. 

The Glueing Method

To eliminate gaps between the wall and mirror, this method requires a high-quality mirror adhesive that sticks the piece flush against the wall. The glue-to-wall fixing style is perfect for securing the mirror to the wall permanently. With that said, the mirror can still be uninstalled, however, it is quite difficult to do this. We advise using the glueing method only if you are certain of the mirror design and placement.

Key Features of the ABLAZE Frameless Bathroom Mirror Range from Luxe Mirrors

To summarise the perks of the new frameless range of bathroom mirrors in the ABLAZE collection, here are some very attractive key features that will solidify your desire to purchase one or more of these premium products:

  • Available in a variety of finishes and five distinct shapes
  • Premium quality bathroom mirrors 
  • Each product features a two year warranty period
  • The two fixing styles include hanging with aluminium hangers (comes with the product), or adhering to the wall with a mirror adhesive (not included with the product)
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • The mirrors are protected with an edge seal to prevent water or moisture damage which includes rusting, blackening, etc
  • Each product features a shatter-free vinyl film that will keep broken pieces in place if the glass cracks or breaks with accidental impact
  • When fitted with the optional Thermomirror demister pad, the glass stays fog-free throughout hot showers/baths
  • Suitable for all types of bathroom and powder room interiors

If you would like to view the New ABLAZE Frameless Bathroom Mirror Range From Luxe Mirrors, follow this link : New ABLAZE Frameless Bathroom Mirror Range

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