Top Design Tips and Tricks Using Mirrors In Your Home

Mirrors. While plenty of people just glance in them as they pass by to make sure their hair looks okay, mirrors can actually play a much larger role in the way that a home looks and feels. In short, using mirrors effectively can do a lot to improve your home decor design. But there’s more to it than just throwing up dozens of mirrors wherever you feel like. Instead, it’s worth taking a minute to get the hang of a few top design tips and tricks that can help you use mirrors the right way.

  • Place a mirror behind a light. Candles, lamps, or any other kind of light source with a mirror behind it creates a beautiful lighting effect and also maximises the reach of the light itself.

Vltava Mirror – by UTTERMOST (Grace Feyock)

  • Place a larger mirror behind furniture pieces in small rooms. This can help make a room look larger and help the furniture appear to have more room rather than being crammed into a tight space.

Amiel, Large Arch Mirror – by UTTERMOST (Grace Feyock)

  • Place a mirror between two windows. This tricks the eye into believing there’s another window and can add a little something extra to the room.

Bedroom design – by Gary Spain

  • Set up mirrors in a way that catches natural light from outside and reflects it into the home. This helps add natural illumination, even to areas that don’t get touched by the light coming through windows.

Gilford Mirror – by UTTERMOST (Grace Feyock)

  • Choose a few decorative mirrors as well. You don’t have to just use large, rectangular mirrors. There are many pieces of art that double as mirrors, and these are worth using as well.

Gouveia Mirror – by UTTERMOST (Grace Feyock)

Really, the only limit to what you can do with mirrors is your imagination. Look everywhere for inspiration and then choose the mirrors that best suit your home and the room you’re using them in.

With those simple steps you can get some very big results for any interior space.


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