Unique Mirror Trends for Your Australian Home

Unique Mirror Trends for Your Australian Home - Rico Set of 3 Wall Mirrors Natural

Upgrading, refreshing, or renovating your home can be both fun and daunting at the same time. With the variety of choices now available in Australia when it comes to fixtures, accent pieces, colours, and style, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the right choices when decorating for your particular style.

Mirrors are also gaining in popularity very quickly because they are a straightforward and affordable way to completely transform the space without having to tear it down and rebuild from the ground up with all new pieces.

The following are just a few of the very unique mirror trends we are currently seeing for some spaces in the home.

Placing Mirrors in Front of Windows

One of the less obvious places to put a mirror would be in front of a window, right? Well, if you are short on wall space but need to add that bit of personality, then mounting the mirror in the window casing is a way to do just that.

It is also a good design choice if you find that the layout of your bathroom, for example, is less than ideal and you need to free up some space. You are also finding a very creative way to dress up boring windows or cover an unsightly neighbouring view. Nonetheless, it is a very unique mirror trend for your home.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Illuminated Mirrored Cabinets


This is a good option if you want a mirror that is functional and can offer you some storage as well. With new and innovative technology, we are seeing the medicine cabinet we typically find in a home evolving into something much more useful and interactive. 

You can now purchase a mirrored bathroom cabinet complete with IR sensors and even a Bluetooth stereo. This makes every minute you spend in the bathroom a lot more fun and enjoyable! Moreover, the LED lights included with these cabinets also eliminate the need for wall sconces and other lighting fixtures that may take up too much room in a smaller space.

Suspending Mirrors

Another way you can free up space if you severely lack in that department is to suspend the mirror from the ceiling instead of mounting it on the wall and taking up space. This option is great if you are trying to achieve a very contemporary or even industrial style and it also opens up how you can reevaluate the layout of the space.

Having a decorative mirror hanging in the room will quickly become a topic of discussion among visitors for its bold and unique design. Elevated objects have a way of grabbing one’s attention and in this case, you will surely turn heads with a suspended mirror keeping your home interiors up to date with the latest mirror trends.   

Twin Mirrors and Multiple Mirrors

Decorative Cambay Square Mirrors by Uttermost 50cm (Set of 2)

Large accent mirrors may not be a thing of the past, however, more and more people are leaning towards twin mirrors instead because they add a very different and unique dynamic to the room. Functionally, what they offer is similar to that of a large mirrored piece; aesthetically, they demand a second look and live up to the true sense of modern design.

The key to making twin mirrors work well in interior design is to give them enough space to stand out. Since mirror design is also intended to open up space with reflection and light, it’s best not to crowd them with other objects and stick to minimalistic décor instead. Another tip to keep in mind is picking the right size and design in accordance with the space where you intend on installing them – for smaller areas, simple or fine-edged twin mirrors are suitable while larger spaces can do with bigger and bolder mirror designs.

Pendant Mirrors

If you’re willing to choose fashion over function, you can’t go wrong with a stunning display of pendant mirrors decoratively hanging on the wall. Available in an unending list of shapes, sizes, and designs, you can create a mirrored pattern on your wall that is all about making a bold, artistic statement. For example, hanging multiple raindrop pendant mirrors of different sizes on one wall of your living room makes for a stunning, eye-catching display!

For a more subtle, yet trendy addition to the room, a singular pendant mirror is also a good choice for contemporary home designs. The creative cable work or links used to hang pendant mirrors add to the beauty and give them a more delicate and elegant appeal. To highlight these accent pieces, use a wide-angle spotlight above your pendant mirrors so that they are not left in the shadows when natural light starts to fade.

Geometric Designs

Square Mirror With Large Bordered Geometric Pattern Frame

If you’re hoping to add character to a room that is lacking pizzazz, no mirror design will achieve this better than one that is framed in a geometric pattern. They are considered loud or bold statement pieces that instantly dramatise the room with the intensity of their abstract patterns. Although many people hesitate to buy geometric mirrors because they are not always easy to incorporate into every style of interior décor, the trend is certainly picking up with more and more homeowners looking to step out of the box with modern home design.

Framed with borders that are much like works of art, geometric mirror designs are the perfect balance between function and fashion. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something simple and classy, there are also geometric patterns available that will do a better job of blending in with existing décor pieces.

Oversized, Full Length Leaner Mirrors

Silver Framed Rectangular Full Length Mirror on Stand

The larger the mirror, the more space it opens up in the room. With an oversized, full-length ornamental mirror standing in your hallway, it will wow guests as they walk in and give the space more dimension. Pair it with a console table or coat rack on the side for visitors to take a glance at their look if they aren’t too busy admiring the beauty of the mirror!

A large mirror makes a great statement piece that you can either stand up on the floor or atop a low cabinet with small, contrasting decorative pieces placed on the sides to complete an eclectic look for your home interiors. Oversized mirrors are commonly used in bedrooms above the dresser to get a full, wide-angle reflection when getting dressed, as well as to open up the room. Size certainly does matter, particularly when choosing mirrors for living rooms and dining rooms as they can do so much more than just show you your reflection. For example, large dining room mirrors placed at a height and tilted forward will make the room appear to have a higher ceiling which, in turn, creates that space you cannot physically achieve. 


On a final note, every home can do with a unique touch that gives interior décor that extra wow factor. With mirror trends of today, there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate unique mirror designs into your living space and significantly add to the overall aesthetic appeal.

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