Using Mirrors To Create More Space

Mirrors are much more than just vanity items today. They can serve a lot of different purposes, including helping add a piece of unique art to a room. But another thing that they can do might surprise you – they can help add a sense of space to a room.

Whether it’s a small, tight room that you want to look bigger or a larger room that has a bit of clutter you’d like to de-emphasize, mirrors can help. Here are some tips to help with the process.

  •  Light Is The Key – Darker rooms feel smaller and more closed in. Break through that issue by placing mirrors on walls that are directly opposite the windows. This helps reflect light back into the room and lightens it, thus making it feel bigger.


  • Between Windows Works – Placing a mirror between two windows can help add a sense of space to the room and trick the eye into seeing an extra window, opening up the room in a big way.


  • Light It Up – Similar to the first tip, using light effectively works in a big way. Place a lamp directly in front of a mirror on the wall. This helps spread light outward, and can really help to enlarge a room’s appearance naturally.


  • Wall to Wall (with care) – While when it’s done incorrectly it can look tacky, if you cover a wall in mirrors it can help to add extra depth to the room. Don’t use this in huge rooms, but in small spaces it can help significantly.


As you can see, the key is simply experimenting with mirror placement until you determine what locations work the best to create space. Combine that with light, and you’ll be able to make even the smallest rooms feel bigger – all through the simple but creative use of mirrors.


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