Stylish, Modern Round Mirrors for Sale

Always beautiful and always a welcome part of any décor. Luxe Mirrors offers a collection of large round wall mirrors in a variety of materials and styles, adding that little something extra to any space. From the ultra-modern to the always classic, our range runs the gamut, providing our customers with real choice.

Framed in a variety of materials, including timber, antique gold-style metal and stainless steel, there’s something to suit every taste in our store. Several of our mirrors are provided with built in backlights, helping to both illuminate you and to enhance the aesthetic effect. Create the atmosphere you want with help from Luxe Mirrors and discover what so many Australians already know.

A beautiful piece for every room

Our company offers a huge range of products for people right across the country. Whatever the size of your space and whatever your existing décor, you’ll find something that perfectly suits your property in our store. Start seeing those blank walls as a canvas to paint on. From wall art to bathroom mirrors, there’s something to suit every space in the home. Free delivery and extremely affordable prices means our range is accessible to more people in more places.

Transform your space today. Get in touch with our company to learn more about our range of products and what we can offer you. Call us on 1300 799 065 and chat to our friendly team, or send a message through our contact forms.