Using Mirrors To Create More Space

Mirrors are much more than just vanity items today. They can serve a lot of different purposes, including helping add a piece of unique art to a room. But another thing that they can do might surprise you – they can help add a sense of space to a room.

Whether it’s a small, tight room that you want to look bigger or a larger room that has a bit of clutter you’d like to de-emphasize, mirrors can help. Here are some tips to help with the process.

  •  Light Is The Key – Darker rooms feel smaller and more closed in. Break through that issue by placing mirrors on walls that are directly opposite the windows. This helps reflect light back into the room and lightens it, thus making it feel bigger.



  • Between Windows Works – Placing a mirror between two windows can help add a sense of space to the room and trick the eye into seeing an extra window, opening up the room in a big way.



  • Light It Up – Similar to the first tip, using light effectively works in a big way. Place a lamp directly in front of a mirror on the wall. This helps spread light outward, and can really help to enlarge a room’s appearance naturally.



  • Wall to Wall (with care) – While when it’s done incorrectly it can look tacky, if you cover a wall in mirrors it can help to add extra depth to the room. Don’t use this in huge rooms, but in small spaces it can help significantly.


As you can see, the key is simply experimenting with mirror placement until you determine what locations work the best to create space. Combine that with light, and you’ll be able to make even the smallest rooms feel bigger – all through the simple but creative use of mirrors.

Top Design Tips and Tricks Using Mirrors In Your Home

Mirrors. While plenty of people just glance in them as they pass by to make sure their hair looks okay, mirrors can actually play a much larger role in the way that a home looks and feels. In short, using mirrors effectively can do a lot to improve your design.

But there’s more to it than just throwing up dozens of mirrors wherever you feel like. Instead, it’s worth taking a minute to get the hang of a few design tips and tricks that can help you use mirrors the right way.

  • Place a mirror behind a light. Candles, lamps, or any other kind of light source with a mirror behind it creates a beautiful lighting effect and also maximises the reach of the light itself.

Vltava Mirror – by Grace Feyock

  • Place a larger mirror behind furniture pieces in small rooms. This can help make a room look larger and help the furniture appear to have more room rather than being crammed into a tight space.

Amiel, Large Arch Mirror – by Grace Feyock

  • Place a mirror between two windows. This tricks the eye into believing there’s another window and can add a little something extra to the room.

Bedroom design – by Gary Spain

  • Set up mirrors in a way that catches natural light from outside and reflects it into the home. This helps add natural illumination, even to areas that don’t get touched by the light coming through windows.

Gilford Mirror – by Grace Feyock

  • Choose a few decorative mirrors as well. You don’t have to just use large, rectangular mirrors. There are many pieces of art that double as mirrors, and these are worth using as well.

Gouveia Mirror – By Uttermost

Really, the only limit to what you can do with mirrors is your imagination. Look everywhere for inspiration and then choose the mirrors that best suit your home and the room you’re using them in.

With those simple steps you can get some very big results for any interior space.

Smart Storage Solutions For Your Small Bathroom Space

The bathroom is where you’ll end up spending a huge portion of your life – more than many might realise. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your bathroom is as comfortable as it can be.

Storage can be at a premium, especially in smaller bathrooms where space is hard to come by. Luckily, if you get creative it’s easy to add some extra space and gain storage areas for bathroom essentials.

One of the keys to doing just that is to use inbuilt mirrored cabinets. Most are familiar with the ‘medicine cabinet’, that small bit of storage space behind the bathroom mirror. Inbuilt mirrored cabinets are exactly that, only today’s are much more effective and efficient than ever before.

> Traditional style inbuilt mirrored cabinets in the medicine cabinet style are still very popular, but today’s are available in a wide range of styles. This lets you choose the type of mirror that matches your bathroom perfectly, and also choose a size that works as well.

> They don’t have to just go above the sink. Multiple mirrors can mean multiple cabinets, and many designs use several different mirrors to provide maximum storage space while still looking great.

> Cabinets can be made from multiple materials that are safe for use in the bathroom, including metal shelves that can stand up to moisture without any problems

While these are perfect solutions for small bathrooms, don’t feel like they’re only good there. Small bedrooms, pantries, and even dining rooms can benefit from custom made inbuilt mirrored cabinets, and it’s easy to find several different types of designs for any room.

Even the smallest bathrooms do have options for storing essentials and more. The key is looking at the ways that provide solutions in a more intelligent way. Inbuilt cabinets are a perfect option worth considering.



Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

When you think of a mirror, what comes to mind? For many, nothing more than a tool to make sure they look their best is what they think of. But the reality is that there are many different ways to use mirrors to get even more from them. And beyond that, today’s mirrors are much more than just rectangles with a reflection in them – they’ve gone well beyond that and entered the realm of being artistic representations of your own style.

So what kind of mirror trends are hot right now? Really, anything goes and you’ll likely notice that there are so many different types of mirrors on the market that it really becomes a question of what you want rather than what’s available.

Here are a few top trends to pay attention to.

Nidelva Mirror – by Uttermost

Geometric shapesSquares and rectangles aren’t the only options anymore. From rounded to diamond shaped and beyond, there are many mirror shapes that add a little something extra to the look of a piece.


Adelmar Mirror – by Uttermost

Borders – In many instances, it’s the borders of the mirrors that really help it stand out. Unique modern art approaches, rustic traditional frames, and more area all available. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that match your style the best.


Gouveia Mirror – by Uttermost

Cluster mirrors – Pieces using clusters of numerous smaller mirrors arranged in patterns, shapes, or artistic styles can serve as a conversation piece or a focal point in any room of the home. From freestanding mirrors to hanging works of art, there are numerous choices here.

The right mirror can work to lighten a room, tie an interior space together, and much more. They’re far beyond just being a place to make sure you look great, and today mirrors are becoming an integral part of interior design for very good reason. Don’t overlook them or what they can do for a home.