Luxe Mirrors’ Trade Projects: Adding More Beauty to Beautiful Spaces!

Whether in a small or large way, it is an honour for us to have one of our products be a part of someone’s home or commercial space. Along with old and new customers, we are grateful for the work relationships we share with some of the best interior decorators and designers in Australia, and continue to hold up our end of the bargain by offering high-quality designer mirrors and other luxury products in the home and furnishing niche. 

Luxe Mirrors is committed to bringing you a wide array of exclusive vintage and modern mirrors, enabling clients to find the perfect mirrored pieces for their renovation or interior design projects, all under one roof. Over the years, our consistency in providing premium quality mirrors of all shapes and sizes has seen our products featured in established digital outlets including Home Beautiful, Inside Out, and Open Homes Australia. We are humbled by the continued faith our loyal customers and clients place in our products, and vow to meet their expectations of finding unique, high-quality luxury mirrors to complete any interior!

With that, here are three recent trade projects that we were thrilled to be a part of!

McNamara House Project at Airport West, Victoria by Lume Interiors

McNamara House Project at Airport West, Victoria by Lume Interiors
Features Luxe Mirror’s Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror (100cm x 50cm)

(Instagram: @lumeinteriors)

Creating a modern, minimalist interior isn’t as easy as one might think. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between lightness, clean lines, subtle colours, and simple accent pieces that all work together to create a beautiful interior without looking too plain. Well, one look at the McNamara House Project and you will see that Lume Interiors explicitly hit the nail on the head!

It’s safe to say that their team of decorators searched far and wide for the perfect home furnishings and, to our good fortune, landed upon us when looking for a bathroom mirror that would complete this gorgeous, modern-style powder room. Dramatically finished with dark tapware, they intentionally chose our Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror to highlight the beautifully textured wall tiles while brightening up the space.

The softness of the backlit mirror’s glow and the roughness of the wall tiles are a match made in heaven! This is further contrasted with a light wood floating vanity and earl grey floor tiles. Not to mention the oval shape of the mirror that does a fantastic job at breaking up the hardened look of straight lines. This elegant bathroom mirror is fitted with demister pads for a consistent, fog-free reflection, and must be hardwired to a separate wall switch. You can even opt for a programmable timer, or turn the mirror light on/off via a motion sensor.

Willarong Project at Caringbah South, NSW by 868 Architects

Features Luxe Mirror’s custom-made metal framed rectangular bathroom in a pewter finish.

(Instagram: @868architects)

It takes a really good eye and tons of experience to alter certain aspects of an existing interior, all the while ensuring that the changes blend in. The manner in which it is decorated also requires careful consideration as the goal is to harmonise the new additions with the existing design and details. With this stunning waterfront property, 868 Architects had a vision in mind, and followed through with it beautifully! 

Keeping with the home’s mid-century vibe, light-coloured walls with a textured accent wall, and pops of wooden furniture are the running theme throughout the house. This is no different in the master ensuite with wood panels covering the slanted ceiling, light marble-patterned tiles on the walls and floor, and minimal gold fittings that are beautifully tied together with our custom-made metal framed rectangular bathroom in a pewter finish. 

Clearly, the team was looking for something specific when opting for a matching pair of bathroom mirrors, and reached out to us via [email protected] to design these large, thinly framed, copper-free bathroom mirrors that, as you can see, complement the interior so well!

Mount Samson Project at Moreton Bay Region, QLD by Blended Interiors & Design

Features Luxe Mirror’s Arch Metal framed Bathroom Mirror in White

(Instagram: @blendedinteriorsanddesign)

If the goal was to make just about anyone yearn to live in this dreamy Country Farmhouse with a touch of modern design, Blended Interiors & Design most definitely understood the assignment! Float from one room to another with the openness and lightness of the interiors that feature a predominantly white and light grey palette. Hardwood flooring and wooden accents bring all the right interior design elements to life while subtle pops of colour also pleasantly draw your attention.

The bathroom interior design and decor is a product of minimalism at its finest! It is here that our Arch Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror White found the perfect home to complete this modern, yet country-style vanity. Instead of choosing two matching mirrors to complement the wide wooden vanity cabinet and countertop that features twin white sinks, the team cleverly chose this large, arch-shaped mirror to deliver a cleaner look while meeting one’s functional requirements as well. It also helps to open up the space and give the ensuite an airier feel.

Available in two sizes, the mirror is made from premium quality copper-free glass so you never have to worry about it corroding. Additionally, its stainless steel frame ensures resistance to moisture damage and/or swelling or damage to the wood. Basically, the mirror will take care of itself while sitting pretty in this stunningly designed country farmhouse in Mount Samson!

We love nothing more than happy customers and clients whose eyes light up when they find the perfect mirror to finish off their interiors! Till date, our luxury designer mirrors, wall art, and other furnishings have been a part of countless homes and commercial spaces across Australia, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Visit our Instagram page to get glimpses of the many different trade projects we have been featured in, and the incredibly talented interior designers and decorators we work with!