7 Noteworthy Bathroom Mirror Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Round Bathroom Mirror above timber vanity unit

There is a lot more you can do with a small bathroom space than one might think. This is especially possible with so many new, clever, and innovative interior design elements that help make a room appear more airy while providing adequate storage space, too. When it comes to small bathrooms, a large contributing factor to this cause is the type of bathroom mirror you choose. 

Essentially, you want the mirror to complete your bathroom vanity space, however, there is a bigger picture to consider here; by choosing the right bathroom mirror, you can brighten up the room and create the illusion of a larger space. On top of this, many bathroom mirror designs offer additional storage space and still do a fantastic job at lending to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. 

Now, the question is, what ARE the best bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom? Well, we’ve got the answers right here! Check out Luxe Mirrors’ top seven tips for decorating a small bathroom space with the perfect bathroom mirror.

1. Choose Horizontal Mirrors Over Vertical Mirrors

Budget Polished Edge Mirror Range (available in 4 sizes)

In general, horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider space. This is all the more evident with a rectangle, horizontal mirror because the angled reflection visually stretches the room. While it may not always be possible to hang a large mirror sideways due to lack of wall space or a small vanity unit below (that is not complemented by a wide mirror), even a smaller horizontal bathroom mirror can work wonders to elongate the space. We advise sticking to straight lines (rectangular mirrors) and perhaps, bathroom mirrors with thin metal frames or bevelled edge designs.

2. Add Concealed Storage With a Mirrored Cabinet

2-Door Mirrored Cabinet in White

While open shelving isn’t necessarily a bad thing (provided that you keep things neat and clean), if you only have enough wall space for either a mirrored cabinet or shelves, we definitely recommend concealed storage behind a medicine cabinet for your small bathroom. Available in single, double, and three-door designs (or wider), mirrored cabinets are a popular choice for small bathrooms as they provide some much-needed extra storage space while keeping everything concealed for a clutter-free bathroom space. Frameless mirrored cabinets come highly recommended as their sleek designs lend a neater and cleaner look to the room.

3. Install Wall-to-Wall Mirror Panelling

Bellini Antique Floor Paneled Mirror (100cm x 220cm)

A large mirror is great for reflecting more light and opening up a small bathroom; however, if you want a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling reflection, perhaps mirrored wall panelling is a better option. For starters, since mirror panels are installed flush against a wall, you get a more sleek finish. Secondly, you never have to worry about the mirrors crashing down since they are intended to be permanent fixtures and are, therefore, installed securely to last a lifetime. Similar to how a horizontal mirror creates the illusion of a wider space, having a floor-to-ceiling mirror will make the room look taller as well!

4. Opt for Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Round Bathroom Mirror in Warm and Cool Light – (60cm) or (90cm)

If bouncing natural light around the room wasn’t enough, your bathroom mirror can be the source of light itself! With so many different styles of bathroom lighted mirrors to choose from, you can easily transform a dark or cramped vanity space into one that is bright and beautiful. Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs such as backlit, frontlit, frosted edge, and LED bulb vanity mirrors, your choice of the illuminated mirror should ultimately complement the space around it. If you have textured or patterned wall tiles that you would like to highlight, consider a backlit bathroom mirror that will subtly and beautifully illuminate the wall behind it. 

5. Incorporate More Than One Bathroom Mirror

Round Corner Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror (Available in 2 sizes)

There’s no rule that says you can’t have multiple mirrors in your bathroom, yet, most homeowners stick to just one. While a bathroom mirror above the vanity is a must, you can easily get more out of a small bathroom by adding a second tall or full-length mirror to an adjacent wall. Along with beautifying the space, long or large bathroom mirrors make the room more functional which is why adding more than one mirror to your bathroom is a win-win idea!

6. Hang a Bathroom Mirror Opposite the Window

Aspen Arch Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror – (availeble in 80cmx50cm / 100cmx75cm) source: abiinteriors

Whether your bathroom sink is positioned across the window or not, you can always add a second bathroom mirror in this space to reflect all the natural light that pours in during the day. Particularly in bathrooms, it is important to maximise the amount of sunlight thrown around the room as this helps to kill bacteria and keep the bathroom dry. Mould and mildew thrive in damp and humid spaces so with a bathroom mirror reflecting more natural light in the room, you can keep these dangerous fungi at bay. 

7. Match the Mirror to the Vanity for a Uniform Look

White Framed Pill Shaped Bathroom Mirror
Matching White framed Pill Shaped Bathroom Mirror matched to a White Vanity Basin

It’s generally tricky to tie a small bathroom together and create a neat and uniform look because of the many different elements that go into bathroom interior design. Fortunately, you can achieve this rather effortlessly by simply matching the bathroom mirror to the vanity unit below. Whether you’ve got a floating mirrored vanity cabinet, a black metal unit, or a wooden one, all you need to do is find a framed bathroom mirror with the same material and finish. A matched bathroom mirror and vanity unit does wonders to transform a small bathroom space and add that extra bit of class and beauty to the room.

A little thinking outside the box goes a long way when decorating a small bathroom with bathroom mirrors. In fact, contrary to what some might believe, you don’t always have to keep it simple or basic; with Luxe Mirrors’ bathroom mirror ideas above, you can choose to go big and bold to make your small bathroom more beautiful and functional than you could’ve imagined!