What You Need to Know Before Decorating Your Garden With Mirrors

Mirror in a Patio with a bar counter.

If you’ve ever seen mirrors in a garden space, even if it was in a picture, it’s no surprise that you are looking for ideas to decorate your own garden with mirrors! Adding a mirror to an outdoor space is a great way to make it more homely and functional, much like an indoor space! This is especially true when your garden is finished with comfy seating, warm outdoor lighting, and perhaps, an accent rug and some artwork. When you bring all these elements together and pair them with a decorative outdoor mirror, you successfully create a gorgeous, functional garden where you can spend hours of your time relaxing or even entertaining!

Now, although the end result looks picture perfect in your head, before you spontaneously purchase a mirror for your outdoor space, there are a few things you should know about the type of garden mirrors to buy, as well as some very important tips on decorating with outdoor mirrors to ensure safe and proper hanging or installation. For all that and more crucial information on the subject at hand, keep reading!

What Material is Best Suited for Garden Mirrors?

For obvious reasons, most regular mirrors that are used indoors are not suitable for outdoor conditions due to exposure to the elements. Unless you are specifically interested in weathering the frame to achieve that vintage look, you will need to buy mirrors that are specially treated to withstand moisture, humidity, and other weather conditions. 

Along with weatherproofing, another important factor to consider is the material of the mirror itself. While traditional mirrors are manufactured from glass, others are made with plexiglass, otherwise known as acrylic glass. When buying mirrors for your garden or any outdoor space, it is advisable to go with the latter option because it is shatter-resistant and lightweight in comparison to regular glass. Installing heavy mirrors on certain outdoor surfaces (such as fencing) is never a good idea as it may give way over time, causing your precious outdoor mirror to come crashing down. 

So, when looking for the best garden mirrors, plexiglass, and weatherproofed materials are the way to go!

Placement of Garden Mirrors: What to Consider

Mirror in a Patio with a bar counter.
Rustic mirror on a Patio with a bar counter. Source: pexels.com

It may not seem like it but there are actually quite a few things you need to think about before choosing a spot in your garden to hang or place your outdoor mirror. In fact, some areas may not be as safe as you think, putting your loved ones at risk of potential harm, as well as birds. 

Let’s take a quick look at the factors to consider when choosing where to hang or place your garden mirror:

  • Safety of People. Avoid hanging or leaning mirrors in places where there is a lot of foot traffic; someone could bump into the mirror and cause it to fall and shatter (this can lead to cuts and bruises from the broken glass). Similarly, it is not advisable to hang a garden mirror above a bench or seating area because, if the mirror is not properly fastened to the surface, a strong gust of wind can cause it to come off the wall. 
  • Safety of Birds. The position of an outdoor mirror can pose a real danger to birds, especially if the reflection intercepts their regular flight paths. They may get confused and fly straight into a mirror, thus injuring themselves. To ensure that this does not happen, observe the flight paths of birds around your home and choose a spot that they are unlikely to fly towards.
  • Fire Hazard. Avoid placing garden mirrors in direct sunlight or areas where sunlight reflects directly into your home. Although it is very unlikely for a fire to start in this manner, it is not entirely impossible. 
  • Glare. While you may want the mirror to reflect as much natural light as possible, especially if you have a small garden, consider your seating area and how glare may be reflected into people’s eyes while seated. 
  • Protection from Rain. Even weatherproofed mirrors don’t last forever. In other words, the sealant will wear off eventually and require resealing. So, in order to prolong their resistance to water and moisture, it is advisable to protect your garden mirrors from rain by hanging or placing them in a sheltered location.

Tips for Decorating Your Garden With Mirrors

Even with all the information above in mind, you still might be unsure of how to decorate your garden with mirrors. Well, if you really want to give your garden the makeover it deserves, it just might be worth your while to pay heed to the decorating ideas below! 

Create the Illusion of More Space

A cleverly positioned mirror (particularly a large one) can make your garden appear twice as big! When angled specifically to reflect an open space, you can create the illusion of more airy garden space (even if it is a small area in reality).

Outdoor Mirrors

Reflect Flower/Plant Beds

When a horizontal mirror is used as a backdrop for flower or plant beds, it doubles up on the beauty while also making the space appear bigger. You can opt for narrow, horizontal mirrors that run along the back of the flower/plant bed or a large piece that serves as a backdrop while meeting your functional needs, too.

Match the Frame to the Fence

Even in the garden, choosing a colour theme provides aesthetic value and ties the space together. A well-organised and cohesive colour scheme should include matching colours and complementing shades; therefore, choosing a mirror frame that matches the garden fence is a great way to achieve a stylish yet cozy and homely look.

Consider Window Pane Mirror Designs

Antique Gold-Framed Arch mirror with a Window Pane Design leaned against a wall
An antique Gold-Framed Arch mirror with a Window Pane Design leaned against a wall

For an outdoor space like a garden, you can never go wrong with a classic window pane mirror. Whether arched, rectangular, or square, these decorative mirrors are perfect for exterior home walls and help transform an ordinary space into a sophisticated one. Depending on available space, you can opt for a large leaner mirror or a small wall-mounted piece; either way, you can’t go wrong!

Hang the Mirror at a Strategic Height

By this, we mean choosing a height that will provide more depth to your garden. Just like you would decorate a living room with a mirror over the mantel, hanging a proportionately-sized outdoor mirror at a height will not only serve as a focal point but also help create a beautiful, outdoor living room! 

To find the best outdoor mirror for your garden, browse through our collections of unique, high-quality decorative mirrors and functional mirrors for every indoor and outdoor space. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colours, the perfect garden mirror is just a click away at Luxe Mirrors Australia!

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