Designing Your Home with Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Bedside Table

Mirrored furniture is making a comeback and being revived as a stylish way to reinvent any space in the home. Mirrored furniture offers accent pieces that are eye-catching and can create stunning focal points.

They can bring a bit of shine and style to the room and also add a touch of glamour and drama where a bit of creative flair may be needed. Mirrored furniture can also open up the room and brighten it up which is especially helpful if the room lacks some natural light.

The following are just a few tips for you if you decide it is time to play around with decorating your home with a few stunning mirrored furniture pieces.

Mirrored Bedside Tables for the Bedroom

Apolo Black Mirrored Bedside Table

Using mirrored bedside tables in the bedroom is a classic way to brighten the room and eliminate the shadows basking in the corners. The surface of the mirrored furniture is very reflective, so even the smallest sliver of natural light coming through the windows will be brilliantly reflected off these accent pieces.

A bedside table with a wall mirror hanging above also livens up the furniture piece itself which is otherwise very plain and simple. Moreover, considering the fact that bedside tables are usually lower or on the same level as the bed, the height for having a slender, upright wall mounted mirror fitted above the piece is perfect for adding grandeur to the bedroom, even getting dressed or doing your hair. 

Particularly in smaller bedrooms where creating more space in the room is important, mirrored bedside tables eliminate the need for additional dresser type furniture as they provide drawer storage and do not take up unnecessary bedroom space. Styling your bedside table may be the final step to take when styling the room to the next level or seamlessly integrating with your decor style.

Make Rooms Appear Larger

Do you find that while you love your home, you still feel that the dining room is lacking when it comes to available space for a dinner party? Maybe it feels claustrophobic and even confining, so you choose to walk by the room without a second glance.

Well, mirrored furniture can reinvent this space and make it appear much larger so it quickly turns into one of your favourite and most utilised rooms in the house. By adding a mirrored buffet or a few accent mirrors to the wall as artwork, you can effectively open the space and make people feel like they are sitting in an airy dining space. This is because the mirrors will reflect light and will also create more of a dramatic effect when the reflection catches other colours and décor in the room.

Bring Hollywood into Your Home

Lumiere Belle of the Ball Hollywood Makeup MirrorLumiere Belle of the Ball Hollywood Makeup Mirror

When you think of Hollywood furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is a mirrored vanity. It’s definitely one way to make your bedroom feel like it belongs to an A-list celebrity which in this case is you! With mirrored vanities, you get the luxury of a brightly lit space around the unit and storage for your personal accessories.


With newer, innovative designs, mirrored dressers do not necessarily have to be large, bulky pieces of furniture anymore; they are available in sleek styles and although compact by design, can offer a decent amount of storage for daily essentials like cosmetics and hair and skin care products.

Show More with a Mirror Showcase

A glass showcase with clever lighting can do wonders for your home design, but when you have a mirror showcase that adds depth, shine, and elegance, you’re definitely taking it up a notch. The glitz and glamour of reflective glass make for a stunning focal point and gives the room life with luxurious vibes. 

Many people, however, make the mistake of overcrowding a mirrored showcase cabinet which ends up looking cluttered and messy. To truly complement your home design, choose a minimal amount of items that you’d like to showcase and place them on shelves strategically in order for the mirror to reflect them in the most aesthetic way possible.

Spruce Up your Entryway with a Console Table Display

_Apolo Antique Silver Mirrored Console Table

Minimalism and console tables go hand in hand. The idea is to keep it clean, simple, and beautiful with the setup so that the overall look comes together to create a wonderful display against an otherwise, bare wall. These arrangements are just fine and work well with many types of home décor, however, it is also a safe zone that homeowners are wanting to step out of. 

Stepping into trendy, modern home designs, the addition of a mirrored console table subtly transforms the space with its style and classy design. A common arrangement in every Australian home is a Wall Mirror and Console Table paired in a home’s foyer, entryway or hallway. There are so many great ways to decorate mirrored tables including the use of candelabra, ceramic or metal ornaments, lamps, a few picture frames and perhaps, some greenery to add some natural texture.

Camouflage Your Closet with a Mirrored Wardrobe 

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors Bedroom

Although most closets add a great deal of character to the bedroom, where smaller rooms are concerned, opening up the space matters more, and there is no better way to do this than with a top to bottom, mirrored wardrobe. Many such furniture pieces feature mirrors on the sides of the closet for a truly camouflaged setup that is uniquely attractive. 

For an in-built wardrobe or other storage cabinets, consider installing mirrors over the entire door to add a trendy and functional feature to your bedroom design. Owing to their size, mirrored wardrobes reflect a lot more natural light and, if placed in the right spot, can help to add character by highlighting the bedroom’s focal point which could be a chandelier, centralised lighting fixtures, or other accent furniture pieces.

Highlight Your Décor

Antique Square Mirrored Coffee Table 96cm x 96cm x 49cm

Mirrored furniture is also an incredibly brilliant way to show off other décor pieces in the home. A mirrored coffee table in the living room, for example, can catch that vintage heirloom you have sitting on the mantle, or it can reflect other pieces you have collected over the years. Moreover, it gives you an entirely different angle of certain décor pieces, especially when they are placed on top or in front of mirrored furniture.  

For every room of your home, there are beautiful mirrored furniture pieces that will fit right in, and add fashion and functionality to your living space. Just be sure to pair each piece with other bold statement pieces so they can all play off each other and create that dramatic and reflective style you are trying to achieve.

Unlike traditional types, mirrored furniture pieces are like gifts that keep on giving! From opening up a space and reflecting more light, to adding depth and character to the room; designing your home with mirrored furniture is a smart and luxurious way to go.

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