Bathroom Mirrors – The Top Mirrored Trends in Bathroom Design

Bathroom Mirrors - The Top Mirrored Trends in Bathroom Design silver beaded Hex Mirror

Wanting your bathroom space to look like you just stepped into your own little oasis is not asking for too much. Many people spend long periods of time in this space simply to relax, rejuvenate and escape the noise of the outside world. As a matter of fact, the quality of a bathroom’s design helps to relieve stress and enhance one’s mood while spending time inside it. So, why not make a few changes to get the most out of your time in the bathroom?

Along with modern bathroom designs come trendy fittings and fixtures which include the all-important bathroom mirror! What was once a simple decision to make has now become a crucial one with the introduction of innovative, multi-functional bathroom mirrors that impact the overall aesthetic of the interiors. 

With the bathroom becoming a more prominent and noticed area of the home, we are beginning to see several new trends in bathroom design – especially when it comes to mirrors and how to use them the best way possible in the space. 

With so many gorgeous and stylish options to choose from, the trending bathroom mirror ideas listed below will give you a push in the right direction to take your modern bathroom design to the next level. 

Trendy Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When working with a smaller area of space, you need to consider more than just the functionality and design of the mirror. The size, placement, and lighting (natural and artificial) all play an important role in how the mirror will enhance your bathroom. Using mirrors in smaller bathrooms can help open up the room and make it appear much larger than it actually is. For example, bathroom vanities in a small space can look and feel closed in or cramped because the mirror is typically surrounded by cabinets or a thick frame; on the other hand, large bathroom mirror cabinets with fine edging offer a cleaner and less cluttered appearance.

Other suitable types of mirrors for small bathrooms include LED backlit mirrors which reflect any natural light coming into the room and maximise space by eliminating the need for light sconces or other large lighting fixtures. The light is built into the back of the mirror and is just as effective as other lighting options. Remember, the more you illuminate a small space, the larger and airier it will appear. Speaking of which, large bathroom mirrors are also an excellent choice for creating the illusion of more space while achieving that luxury spa feel you are looking for.

The Right Mirrored Lighting Scheme

Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror 120cm x 80cm

Dimmers, creative lighting, and creating the perfect ambience are all on the list of things a homeowner is now expecting for their bathrooms. Luckily enough, this can all be accomplished with the right mirrors and the right lighting. As much as bathroom accessories need to match the existing theme of the space, the mirror should complement the lighting and vice versa. When you hit the nail on the head with your mirrored lighting scheme, the outcome is stunning! 


Here are some tips on how to choose the right mirrored lighting scheme:

  • Stick to a theme wherein the colour and style match. For example, a bathroom mirror with antique framework will match vintage bathroom sconces perfectly.
  • Choose small lighting fixtures to go with large wall mirrors. The lighting and mirror scheme will only work if they are able to complement each other, moreover, a bathroom with too many large fixtures is less appealing.
  • To highlight a decorative bathroom mirror, place light fixtures on either side of the frame (preferably at the top corners), and choose either warm or white lights in accordance with the colour of the mirror’s frame. 
  • Place bathroom lights strategically where the mirror will reflect them and hence, throw more light around the space.

Shine With Metallic Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors such as those that are framed with a polished or brushed nickel can create the appearance of luxury for less. They add both glamour and texture to the space and look great against a marble countertop. The richness of metallic is hard to miss when installed against dark bathroom wall tiles, and you can level-up on aesthetics with fittings to match its shiny exterior. 

Since the frame steals the show, the size of the mirror is typically compromised unless it is a very large piece. For this reason, the wall space needs to be wide enough for the mirror to stand out and not have surrounding components take attention away from the piece or worse, clash with it. Nevertheless, metallic statement mirrors can do wonders for bathroom interiors with their eye-catching uniqueness!

Round and Oval Mirrors for Every Bathroom Design

Reva Silver Oval Mirror by Uttermost 53cm x 78cm

This style of mirror nods to a nautical style but also maintains a traditional feel, only with more of a modern appeal. Therefore, if you are looking for a minimalist yet trendy bathroom style, then oval and round mirrors are the perfect accent pieces that will also serve as the focal point of the space. The softness of curved mirrors are a stand-out feature in any bathroom setting and can also be used in pairs for a more modern, eye-catching display. Picture your master ensuite with twin round or oval shaped mirrors in place of a single, rectangular mirror and you immediately see the space open up and your bathroom design enhanced.  

While the simplicity of a single, round bathroom mirror is attractive by itself, the use of two differently-sized mirrors in a circular shape can add a very modern touch to the space. Place them at slightly different heights over the sink countertop and the impact it has on your bathroom’s design will not go unnoticed. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking at the best contemporary bathroom mirrors of 2020.  

Brighten It Up With LED-Lighted Mirrors 

In this day and age, it’s not surprising that technologically advanced mirrors are trending. The great thing about bathroom mirrors with lights is that it brightens up a space with poor, natural lighting without having to install additional light fixtures. Moreover, LED lights are significantly lower on power consumption as compared to CFL and incandescent bulbs. Owing to their level of energy efficiency, LED lights on mirrors do not heat up which is a major plus point during makeup application or when shaving. 

The functionality of LED-lighted mirrors, coupled with modern designs gives them a one-up on other trending mirrors for bathrooms; it’s where minimalism meets luxury and therefore, offers warmth and uniqueness to the space like no other. You can choose between front-it and backlit mirrors, both of which illuminate bathrooms in a stunning way!

Practical Cabinet Mirrors are Back with a Bang

Emerald Premium Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors on Bathroom Wall

Homeowners with expanding families and/or small homes are always looking to incorporate practical designs into their bathroom space. While the average bathroom cabinet with a mirror is great, one with an extended overhead tray and a shelf on the bottom is more appealing to those who want convenience and practicality. That’s not all; you can also have backlit or front-lit LED bathroom cabinets that provide the perfect aura and glow to illuminate the space.

The different styles and designs of cabinet mirrors have truly evolved over the years to keep up with modern bathroom interiors going from plain and simple, to stylish and versatile. The newer mirrored cabinets boast additional storage, quality finishes, and beautifully framed mirrors. 

Smart Mirrors – Fresh on the Scene

Factually, smart mirrors or simply multi-functional mirrors with a display have been around longer than most people are aware of. However, they have only recently been revamped and re-introduced in bathroom design for their unending possibilities. Fuelled by new-age technology, smart mirrors allow you to link social media and email accounts to receive notifications, set reminders, stream music, play videos, and make use of several other features. Equipped with demister pads on the back, you never have to worry about your mirror fogging up and interfering with the LCD display.

For obvious reasons, a smart mirror will cost you a lot more than a regular, decorative mirror, but with the convenience of having one, you will not regret investing in this futuristic-like addition to your bathroom space. 

Other Bathroom Trends

Once you have the perfect mirror in place, you can shift some focus on other elements of the bathroom. A few more trends for bathroom design we see in 2020 include using bold accent walls and floor tile choices; unique tile shapes that step out of the box and away from what is considered traditional; as well as the use of darker tones which are beginning to gain popularity when it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom cabinet paint colour. All-white themed bathrooms, which are incredibly common in celebrity homes, are also trending in modern house designs; they are typically complemented with neutral colours and indoor plants to break the monotony of white in the space. 

Silver Beaded Style Frame Horizontal Mirror in Marble Bathroom

What other trends can we expect for bathroom design in 2020? As far as we can tell, the people are split between going back to basics with a minimalistic approach vs futuristic designs backed by smart technology. The trends are all out there but the choice is yours. So, choose wisely and enjoy your time in a beautifully made up safe haven you like to call your bathroom.

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