How to Style a Bedside or Coffee Table

How to style a bedside or coffee table

You finally have your new bedside tables and coffee table in place, and it’s time for you to style them, so they fit in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. But as you stand there and look around the room, you just aren’t sure where you should begin or what steps you should take when it comes to styling your new bedside or coffee table.

Before going any further, you definitely want to clean up the areas you will be working in and wipe down the furniture, so you have a clean area to work with. You will also want to maintain a tidy space and try to reign in the clutter so that you can keep a cleaner appearance.

How to Style Your Bedside Table

After the area is clean and you have wiped down the table, you should come up with a concrete plan of what you want to do with the space. The bedside table doesn’t have to just be a resting place for your phone to charge at night.

You can take this opportunity to introduce a nice colour scheme or style to the space simply yet effectively by adding in some natural elements like a green plant or some flowers, some reading material, and a lamp. Once you have gathered the items you want to set up, you can now play with their positioning to see what works best for the amount of room you have available.

Start with the lamp and then you can work all the other items around it. A small stack of books can offer some height and even some interest to the bedside table. A touch of greenery adds a little life to the space, and a clock or a lamp can add that final touch of personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour schemes and items to make it your own.

How to Style Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is a focal point in many living rooms and is often the centre of many family and friend gatherings in the home. For these reasons, you want to be sure not to glaze over it. Stagger taller and shorter items on the table such as décor pieces, so everything isn’t just at eye level.

A tray is a nice accent piece and is functional and can help organise and keep things clean and together. Finally, following all the advice for styling your bedside tables, you can do the same for the coffee table.

Add some greenery, add some colour, add some personality. To make sure it fits in with the other décor, take a look at your newly designed and set up coffee table from several different angles and enjoy your newly designed space.